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#51 2019-11-09 11:19:14

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Re: I miss old OHOL

Coconut Fruit wrote:

You actually get 4 mutton pies, each with 4 bites. That's 16 bites for 3.02 water, isn't it?

oh yes, I forgot to subtract all the values on total cost as well, The efficiency score had this calculated. I made mistake there too though! tongue
Cost of 1 pie is 0.94

a muton pie that gives 5 pips cost 3.02 water -> 21 food per 1 water
a muton pie that gives 6 pips cost 3.02 water -> 25 food per 1 water
a muton pie that gives 7 pips cost 3.02 water -> 30 food per 1 water

Final answer, no, mutton pies are not better bb food.

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