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radish VS toogood raid

before the massive resets of bigserver2 on 15th juni 2019; a 1720 march of 5 people woth 4 swords and 1 knife ended up as 12 people army on arrival, and in a baby boom atop a blood bath.

a screenshot gallery is in:!dkEUEKLb!RlgVFx8bbmmX … gCHmydH8ew
28 large low quality jpg.

radish VS toogood raids:

i know the toogood family well, its a very agressive tribe with no focus for famring, its a hunter clan.

i get born into the [radish] family as male and whitness a griefer murder at age 0, who aparently killed many of the radish family.
i inherit his last victims blue shirt, which became my identifying mark, and are given a sword.
by age 3, half of the village decides to "go to war" and mobilizes a group of 5, roughly half the family population;
Two women, one very young girl, [azazel radish] as leader, and i just role play a naive 3 year old male warmonger toddler, who just witnessed a murder and a warmongering family.
I have little context, so i just (role) play along.

I see half of my village decide to take 4 swords, giving swords to 3 year olds, to march BY FOOT to raid a city, 1720 tiles WWN
But [azatel radish] never toold us about the distance, only about a general direction with determination.
With one early birth, we start as group of 6, but because half of them is now females, we end up as a group of 12 by the time we arrive at our destination.
the journey took 18 years/minures of nearly continuous marching in the same direction, and 3 females caused the army size to double during that time:
we have 4 swords, and the babies, who where born in this march had the main purpose of making baskets to carry food,
with a promising future as human shield canonfooder, to maybe live long enough to pick up some weapon.
the oldest girl is given a knife, all other "war babiers" mostly end up making baskets so we require shorter food breaks.
We kept shouting the same few custom phrases To not lose track of the group "to war, babies" "for the alamo" "one for all"
"where are we going", "how much longer wdo we walk?" and "are we there yet?"
Morale was very high, we managed to stay together and not lose people. i did not see any infant suicide and always acounted for everyone.

The raid march lasted from my 4th year till my 22th year of age, 18 years well spend taking care that the group stays together, marching.
6 players had their whole puberty during a long march west, with barely any breaks for food or underwater basket weaving, and constant "war" chanting.
Only 2 of us had any clear target, and my goal was mostly to keep an eye for the slowest to not get stranded.

Age 22 we reach the big central city, the only one that had a radio reciever and transmitter at one point.
the city that constantly rang the bell on bigserver2.
>10 total deaths in the first city raid, the [radish] family decimated all strangers of the toogood-family that dared to stay in the city.
We sang the lalala lululu vicroty song, surrounded by bloddy corpses.
I suppose [azazel radish] was the leader of the whole raid, and crowned king of the taken over central city of bigserver2.
I was too young and too busy staying fed to care much for all the names of the raid.

6 more deaths during the next 20 minutes, conflicts with people who escaped, we knew they ran south, i know 2 bases south.
I tried to scout them, but failed to correcctly remember the location of all the outposts near that city.
I only managed to find it alone ony my second scouting, and not while leading a group of 5, and by then it was too late to be useful.
The other easily held the fortress, with a now big family and a lot of klooted knifes.

I die of starvation age 57, after hunting a vengeful intruder to death, who just ran deep into the fort on his own.

i got reborn twice into the radish family inside the central city.
but the last time i starved while fleeing grom a raiding party of 5 east of the city.
i was just too young to fight and live long without food at the moment.
at least i managed to warn them. they should have defended easily.
they just made me flee too far.

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Joseph Stalin
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Re: radish VS toogood raid

I saw your video lol it was funny as hell nice job you should give link


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Re: radish VS toogood raid

This was wb steves vid hilarious!

Check this out upvote if you agree!!! … heck_this/


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