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#51 2019-06-12 16:18:21

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Re: Update: Precious Life

very good update as far as I am concerned.


#52 2019-06-13 03:06:53

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Re: Update: Precious Life

Encouraging players to cling to every life desperately = awesome.

Implementing life token system = I think you will find its a null effect (unless you do the unthinkable and take your game from pay-to-own all the way to Farmville timers and pay-to-play-more).

Instead consider: rewarding players with a meaningless metagame stat based on their average life span.  For example, The stat is simply the average of all your life spans. Thus 60 would be a "perfect" score, while someone who /die's all the time might have something in the single digits.  Show the player their own meaningless stat when they log into the game, on the home screen, before starting a life.  This has the best kind of effect, it gets the player valuing what you as the game designer intended/hoped for them to feel/value.


#53 2019-06-13 04:46:06

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Re: Update: Precious Life

Lily wrote:

The one concern I have with this, is that it is fairly normal to die a bunch of times in a row through no fault of your own. Often times you start playing and die a few times to bad parents before you have a good start. I do think the number is high enough that it isn't going to be an issue for most people, though I could see a newbie who plays a lot possibly reaching it.

Personally I never had to retry more than 4 times before I find a decent family to live with. If you run into shitty families ten times in a row it's probably not your day to play OHOL. Perhaps it's time to go outside lol


#54 2019-06-13 13:10:09

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Re: Update: Precious Life

robertb556 wrote:

Implementing life token system = I think you will find its a null effect

It's not a null effect, it has made a massive difference and improved the quality of the game significantly IMO.


#55 Yesterday 18:00:08

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Re: Update: Precious Life

Here we go again, :sigh.... after the best update since carrot stack we go back to normal, 24 lifes is pretty much infinite. Insta dislike to this, life was actually startitng to feel precious.


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