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sister hood in hell

I was born, my mom was a noob, I could smell it the moment the light hit me! though I had a sister, with lovely locks of gold! we stayed under her wings for protection and courage eventually she died from helping us.... its sad I was still young and my sister only a little bit older then me, but we set off into the wilderness a bowl and basket in hand. once we stopped and I told my sister, once I die I will recount this story to the gods! she seemed pleased and exited with new determination we raged on, once we went to a place so filled with wheat that, it looked man made! from their we crafted another basket for me, then we went to the parulis dessert, with no food in sight we made it to the pig king! We never made it too the king but we were attacked by his servants, thousands of boars, roamed our path. not only that, mud and lakes blocked our path... as though the world was against us. we knew that we might not make it... that's when we saw it a body laying in the ground with bight marks running through its spine.... we weren't alone... the parulis cold drew us in but we resisted and turned where we were attacked a boar as big as me leaped out of the thorny bushes and bit at my hair... my sister chucked me farther, allowing me to avoid this close encounter, however our luck didn't last, soon I felt the grips of death strangling me, and I knew my time was short, but I remembered the promise I made to share our story of triumph, over the forces that tried to stop us! we were powerful and we resisted, until I couldn't and I collapsed with not a drop of food in my belly... I can only hope that my sister is still fighting the worlds darkness! but my part is done I am fading into the shadows, but have kept my promise and all will know of us!

this was our sister hood story from hell

"hear how the wind begins to whisper, but now it screams at me" said ashe


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