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#1 2019-01-15 19:35:03

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The best life-Woodland family on server 3

I was born Lela Woodland -3rd generation to my mother and helped make the sheep pen with my daughters. My mother Daisy was 2nd gen but she founded the civ site and worked hard to get us the first iron tools. I buried her next to the sheep pen in an engraved grave as I promised her and told her she was the true founder. I had three beautiful daughters named Angelique, Bebe and Trinity who worked hard to set up the farm and gather sheep and more iron. I died soon after and someone-I forgot who-promised to bury me next to my mother in a marked grave.

I left to run some errands for a few hours and came back and logged back into the game. I was born again into the Woodland family, this time as 11th generation and was christened Ana. The civ had grown so much and was thriving but still needed the newcomen engines/pump and oil. In this lifetime, I decided to make plenty of wool pads and needle/thread and trained all my kids to learn to heal. This came in handy because a griefer was born and stabbed two people. I had I think 4 daughters this time-Jan and Jen (twins), Bebe and Lilly (died to bear early). I also raised my sister Lolita who was abandoned by my mother-a new player that decided to ride on the horse cart the rest of her life and some other nieces and nephews that were abandoned. My last actions in this life were engraving my grave, placing flowers on my mother and my past life grave and planting a mango tree above our graves.

This was one of my favorite lives. smile


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