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The Goose Woman's Son

Ever since Elsa laid eyes on the geese in the sheep pen, she'd wanted to rear them.
She came up with a plan: A cart full o' geese!

To begin life, she helped around the pen and bakery, and slaughtered some pen geese with the help of passerby's, particularly a man named Indigo. It was during one of these slaughtering's that a beheaded goose flopped about on the stump for such a long time, that Indigo and her were able to declare it Goose God, Bringer of Omelettes. It did eventually get unstuck, though, and made for a great meal.

Once when gathering berries, she snatched a backpack off a dead person. She also snatched a hat, but she wasn't the only one picking off the body, so she gave it to another naked kid instead.

As soon as she was old enough to carry a cart, she toted one off to a remote location, just east of a northern section of the road. Then, she headed back down, and grabbed a rusty shovel, stuffed her backpack with eggs, and carried off a piece of dung to where the cart was.

Her first batch of geese rearing went smoothly, and she stuffed each safely away into the cart. Once it was brimming with geese, she took it back down the road and did her work at the slaughter stumps, then down further to the bakery. A brave baker volunteered to help get them cooked, and so leaving the plucked geese in his custody, Elsa gathered up more eggs for another round of rearing.

As she was making her way down the road after the second batch, she noticed the baker had set up a small flame near the stumps, and set the raw geese beside it. Elsa was pleased, since this would mean she wouldn't have to cart across town to deliver the meats. It was a one-stop goose shop!

The usual axing began, and when the small flame died into hot coals, the place was overrun with delicious cooked goose. Thus, Elsa set about on her third rearing journey, and noticed on her way to the stumps that Indigo had begun smelting at a forge just west of the same road her rearing station was near. This would prove to be vital later, but for now it was just good to see an old friend.

When she arrived at the stumps, she noticed a mother and her child had settled next to the abundance of cooked goose, and she was happy for the company. The mother helped slaughter some of the batches geese as the child watched on, but then the unexpected happened.

Elsa gave birth to a baby! A boy, but a beautiful baby nonetheless. She hadn't had any babies thus far, despite being well into her fertile years, so it definitely was an excitement. She named him Goose. It turned to Gopal, but Elsa didn't mind. She eagerly told him about her obsession with geese, and how if he wanted, he could become her apprentice. He accepted, and Elsa was overjoyed.

She waited there with him for him to grow, doing a couple odd jobs and cooking some of the still raw geese and rabbits lying about. When he finally grew, she eagerly handed him an axe, and placed the batches last goose down on a stump. Gopal sliced its head off, then chased it madly as it darted around for just a few seconds, screaming at it. He was the perfect son!

Now, it was time for the next batch to be made, and Elsa was more than eager to show her son the works. She gathered up the eggs and went to her spot, then began showing him how to incubate them in the dung. It was during this time, though, that he had to leave, and she watched sadly as he collapsed into a pile of bones. On her way down with the newest batch, her hair grayed.

She decided to pamper these geese, and to fatten them up, so that the meal she'd made with her son would be extra special. She headed over to the veggie farm, and took a dried ear of corn from the ground, then chopped it up into little bits in a clay bowl. She removed a goose from the cart, and gave it its meal, which it scoffed down happily and then plopped out an egg, before being returned to its cart.

As Elsa stopped to eat her pie before she'd drag them off to the slaughter stumps, a woman began removing the geese from the cart, screaming of freedom for the birds. Elsa and the woman fought a very short war, of the woman removing the geese, and Elsa putting them back, before the woman ran off, still ranting, and collapsed into bones.

With the danger over, Elsa returned to the stumps, and with the help of the now grown child there, chopped the heads of the geese. Like clockwork, Elsa then gathered up eggs, went back to her spot, and made another batch. But staring at her sons bones so very close had made her weary to just leave them like she would goose bones. So, though she was nearing her senior years, she decided to commit to making her sons grave respectable.

This meant simply dropping off the cart of live geese at the stumps instead of killing them herself, for fear of not having enough time. But no matter, the townsfolk would surely understand.

The first step was the letter S, which needed two saplings. Luckily, she'd spied a couple near the south edge of the town, so she simply used two of the three that were for goose cooking, knowing the townsfolk would be able to figure it out. Worryingly, though, they would need a knife to make, and even through her long life, she hadn't gotten one. Ever since the stabbings that took place near her birth, the people were more suspicious, and less likely to give to indirect family, instead passing them on to children and grandchildren. Elsa's mother didn't have a knife, so she never inherited one.

She'd never been too close to the more important townsfolk, and so none of them stopped to help her make letter stock. But, as hope seemed lost, she saw a knife hilt peeking out of Indigo's backpack while he was at his forge. He made the letter stock for her, and she made a fire for water boiling, so soon enough she had her letter S. By this time, though, she was practically bones herself, so she hurriedly grabbed a chisel and mallet from the forge, and finally completed her sons grave.

It was done, and she felt proud. She placed an egg, the one the fat duck had laid, on the grave. After returning the tools, she settled herself next to the grave. She was content to simply lay there and die, but a passerby decided to stop, and so she told her her story. The passerby decided to stay, and Elsa requested that she could bury her next to her sons grave, that they might rear geese in the afterlife. The passerby accepted, and Elsa smiled to herself as she faded into bones, thoughts of geese and Gopel filling her mind for the very last time.


TL;DR: Goose woman makes friends with a cast of equally kooky characters, and then her only son dies.

Definitely one of my favorite, if not my favorite life. <3
(P.S. Goslings are so cyooot!!)


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Re: The Goose Woman's Son

Whoops- Forgot the line! I knew I was missing something.. … id=1327254


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