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The things that happened to the translations, guide on how to do them

Due to Jason's 1-update-per-week policy, it is really hard to organise the translations, I tried to do it for some time, but it just became heavy burden to do it alone. Also, noone used the translation packs.
Because of these, I will not spend my freetime with translations; however, i will not take the chance from you to translate the game, so here is a guide on how to do it:

1, Join the Translator's Server:
2, Update your game
3, Download Catfood's translation tools:
4, Copy them into the game's directory
5, Run collect.js, using node js with this command: node collect.js > strings.txt
6, Open strings.txt
7, Copy the contents into an excel sheet, and post it in #objects
8, Go into the "languages" sub-folder
9, Open English.txt
10, Copy the contents into an axcel sheet, and post it in #menu
11, Once you have the updated sheets, you can contact other translators (#translators) to help you
11a, We have a few sheets on google drive (french, polish, german, spanish, swedish and dutch), i would recommend you to use them, but you have to ask other translators for their links
12, Start translating the sheets
13, Once you are done, download the actual tools to make an installer ( … Urwh--wJqp)
14, Edit the translate.bat with Notepad++ to change "Hungarian" to your language
15, Copy the contents of the excel sheet into a .txt file, and make it look like the example hungarian files
16, Start the .bat file, and wait for it to replace the files
17, Start the game to see if everything works
18, If everything works, go into languages again and rename the file to "English"
19, ZIP or RAR the objects and languages folder, and post it into #released-packs
20, Repeat steps 5-19 once a week

If you want to have fancy, translated GUI, then you have to do it by yourself. (you can use my pictures from other languages to copy a few letters)

Bonus #2:
If you want the game to display your language's special letters, then you should check #font_32_64 #font_handwriting #font_pencil #font_pencil_erased; i explained there the encoding method we use. You could also check out the chinese Unicode method, that might be easier.

PS: Just send me an e-mail (or DM on discord) if any of the above links are dead.
PS #2: I just copy-pasted this from the Discord Server

Discord: Translators' Server, Thexus#3774
Working again on translations, oof


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