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Forman's Rocket Guide Volume 1

Step 0: Coordinates
Periodically (every 5 hours apparently) there will be a global announcement that a new pad is available.
This will register as a bell that disappears once you die.
With mods, you will be able to trap the coordinates and you will need to write them down.
The easiest way to do this is with a map/waystone.

For me, the launch pad was about 7k away from the town I was building in, west beyond the ginger highway, and north about 1700 past the snow biome.
Needless to say, you are going to need exclusive use of a truck and also likely a place to store your goodies between lives.

Step 1: Metal and Copper
This can be done easily at any town that has the infrastructure.

The metal body is as follows
14 steel ingot –-> 14 steel rod (newcomen roller HEATED)
3 steel rod     –-> 3 steel beam (newcomen hammer ONE HIT)
9 steel rod     –-> 9 sheet metal (newcomen hammer TWO HITS)
2 steel rod     –-> 2 steel fins (newcommen hammer THREE HITS)

You will also need two engine tubes for later
2 sheet metal –-> 2 engine tubes (newcomen ROLLER)

Since you have to use the roller twice, at this point, you can also do
4 copper ingot –-> 4 copper rod (newcomen roller COLD)
2 zinc ingot     –-> 2 zinc rod (newcomen roller WARM in hot coals)
You also need 1 plaster

Step 1.5: Build Rocket
Unfortunately, you cannot fit an entire rocket into a truck, so at this point you should drive to the launch site and place a flat stone, plaster, and all the steel pieces in order except the engine tubes.

All of these pieces can be removed at this point until you place the white milk paint.
Realistically, step 1 with the steel is pretty trivial so I would recommend placing all the metal and paint so it cannot be removed and returning later.

Step 2: The desert
At this point, you basically need to move your truck to a black base and spawn as black so you can access the desert.

From the desert you will need
1 cinnabar for red paint,
one topaz for blue (green) paint,
14 niter for saltpeter for fuel and battery acid
17 paper to purify the saltpeter (3 for glass)
4 bowls sulfur for acid
3 sand
3 glasswort

To make the saltpeter you need 14 ashes
Place the 14 niter into 14 bowls of water and light 14 kindling
Once the kindling turns to ash, use the bowl on the ashes

Now place 14 paper into the 14 bowls and use them on an empty bowl to purify
Wait a few minutes until it turns into dry peter
Now add 4 bowls of sulfur to 4 of the salt peter, put all of this in your truck (this is for acid later)

You will also need to make 2 glass LIGHT BULBS and 1 glass ROCKET window.
I'm not going to explain this, look it up on one tech.

The window is something new made by using a hot bulb (on pipe) on the newcomen hammer.
When you do that, you should also turn two of your copper rods into copper foil (newcomen hammer)
All of these things can be placed into a truck.

Step 3: The jungle

Again, I recommend driving your truck and hiding it near a brown base then spawning as that culture.
From the jungle, you will need:

10 sugar cane
1 indian yellow pigment

I'm not going to explain this, but once you have 10 sugar you add it to 10 bowls of salt peter and cook the mix over coals to get fuel.
Then add 5 fuel to each rocket tube.

At some point you will also need to make 3 buckets of paint.
Use the cinnibar and topaz/indian yellow to get green and red and dunk 1 bulbs in each to get red/green LIGHT BULBS

You will need the white and red paint for the rocket but not the green paint.
You will also need one hand held smithing hammer and a drawplate and two copper ingots

Step 4: Dani Cells

Assuming you set up the metal on the rocket, at this point you will have everything you need.
You may also want
food, axe, full water bucket, bowdrill, arrow/bow/quiver, clay bowl

The problem with dani cells and sulfuric acid is it cannot be moved in a truck. Neither can copper wire.

Drive back to the launch pad.
At this point you may want to use a property fence with plenty of room.

You will need to light 4 kindling and use your sulfur/saltpeter bowls on the coals

You use the bowl of water on the cooking sulfur/peter to get acid, the coals are consumed

Now place two copper foil in two acid
Place two zinc rods in the other two acid
Use the hammer on 2 copper ingots to make copper bowls

Follow onetech instructions to assemble your dani cells
Use your drawplate on the two copper rods to make 2 copper wire

Add all of the stuff to the rocket, if you followed the instructions (and I didn't mess up) you are good to go.
(BE ADVISED there is a high probability I did forget something, you should double check each step)

Once you place the dani cells on the rocket the timer starts, at which point I advise getting in.
No clue what happens if you wait (I wouldn't try it)

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Re: Forman's Rocket Guide Volume 1

OMG... I want to know if there's actually people went through all this....


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