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Setting up a private server - step by step (Windows WSL / Linux)

Since I've been fiddling with private server setup for quite a while and haven't found any easy to follow, up to date description I figured I'd create my own.

The easiest way to run a OneHourOneLife private server under Windows is using WSL. It runs a virtualized version of a specific linux distribution within your Windows machine. Setting it up is super easy - just open Microsoft Store, search for "Debian" (or your favorite Linux distribution) and hit "Get". This will install Debian linux on your Windows computer.

Once it's done, search your start menu for "Debian" and start it. The first time you'll have to choose a username and password (we'll need that password in a minute) but since it'll only be accessible locally don't worry about the password complexity too much. If you wanna go REALLY simple and only use the Linux for OneHourOneLife just go with "ohol" for both username and password.

Once the console is up and running, run the following commands step by step: (the # indicates lines that are only commentary - you can just leave them out or copy them along, the console should ignore them

# update the sources of the linux package manager (kinda like the Windows Store for Linux) - you'll have to enter the password you chose previously here since we're executing this in super user (Administrator) mode
sudo apt-get update

# this installs git to allow the script further down the line to download the source code from jason's GitHub repository
sudo apt-get install git -y

# this installs make, a program required to compile the source code
sudo apt-get install make -y

# this installs g++, another program required to compile the source code
sudo apt-get install g++ -y

# this installs wget which allows us to download single files from the internet
sudo apt-get install wget -y

# this downloads the script to download and build the server for linux from jason's GitHub repository
wget …

# this makes the script executable
chmod 775 ./

# this executes the script - the script will download all necessary sources, compile them and create an according server folder for you
sh ./

# this changes the working directory to the server directory
cd OneLife/server

# this adds an additional link between OneLifeData7 and the server folder - this might throw a "File exists" error if jason has merged my bugfix proposal. If so just ignore the error
ln -sf ../../OneLifeData7/contentSettings .

# That's it. Your server is now ready. You can start it with

# To stop it correctly, just hit Ctrl+Z while having the console window in focus

#If you want to restart your server after having closed the Debian window, make sure to first navigate to the server directory using
cd OneLife/server
# and then starting it with

The server is available now at localhost:8005, so just start your game, go to Settings, check "Use Custom Server" and change the "Address" to "localhost".

This install guide should work just fine on pretty much every other linux distribution like Ubuntu, Kali, etc. If you have any questions feel free to ask. smile

PS: To update the server it should be enough to just execute the script again from the home directory:

cd ~
sh ./

... I haven't tested that yet, though.


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