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#1 2023-02-19 00:55:58

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Can't Launch on MacBook “OneLife_v217” needs to be updated. "

“OneLife_v217” needs to be updated. The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of macOS. Contact the developer for more information.

Any way to bypass this so I can play? I miss playing the game soooo much but I can't afford to buy a new laptop for it. My MacBook is on Monterey version 12.2.1

Thank you!!


#2 2023-02-19 02:27:11

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Re: Can't Launch on MacBook “OneLife_v217” needs to be updated. "

To play on Mac you need to use the awbz mod.

There is instructions for how to install on the github just read there

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#3 2023-10-16 06:59:47

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Re: Can't Launch on MacBook “OneLife_v217” needs to be updated. "

Hello Hello,

so this isa  confused question. I just tried this. Unfortunatley it tells me it is expecting Version 394 and it has Version 365+ - I cannot find that newer version in the 'latest releases' folder. Am I doomed to never play this game again unless I am getting myself another OS? sad


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