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#1 2023-08-22 19:54:35

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Chinese - 中文 (with good translator tool)

Github page:

This is a client that support Unicode and has a translator tool.
It can turn the whole game into Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese.

We use this Google sheet to translate, the translator tool will pull the newest translations automaticly. … edit#gid=0

If you want to discuss or report bugs, join the Discord:
You can also join Kook:

這是個客戶端,它支援 Unicode 並擁有個翻譯工具。

我們使用這個 Google 試算表來翻譯。翻譯工具會自動把最新的翻譯抓下來。 … edit#gid=0

如果你想討論或回報問題,加入 Discord:
你也可以加入 Kook:

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