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#1 2023-06-13 02:39:53

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Pipe/Valves in Truck Crash (Probably Related to Banana Truck Crash)

I recently saw the banana crash listed in the steam update log

I figured I aught to mention I had a similar experience when stashing valves/pipes in packs and filling up a truck for a large sprinkler.

It was very strange. When I got into the truck, the truck disappeared and then my body began moving at truck speed.
Other players could see this, it was kind of funny.

This would continue until I touched either I think a pen gate or possibly a door.
The camera would then go flying off into no where and I would have to close the client, it also said something like 'wild bug appeared'

The truck itself became permanently bugged and this could be repeated over and over.
It was essentially a bug truck until something was taken out iirc.

I imagine it some kind of buffer overflow error related to the banana thing.
Assuming because valves are two objects and packs contain four.

Since you've been tracking down bugs lately, figured I'd mention it.


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