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#26 2021-03-08 22:26:27

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Re: Having your own family

Dodge wrote:


Or you know, the griefer just spawns in low pop hours *AS* the only female, and runs off when their self sufficient enough and leaves all their bb's to starve, it feels like you acting as if the only way to grief by killing off a fam is murder is your attempt to purposefully ignore a flaw in the system. Spoilers, the griefer can just spawn as the last female, I'm re-iterating it because that's the point I'm trying to make, it wouldn't be very difficult at all. Also, most griefers have alternate accounts anyway, due to them getting sent to donkey town all the time.

And with the point of griefing, towns are gonna have low pop way more often anyway because there's gonna be so fewer players, I don't know how to link pictures on the forums, but right now there are about 36 people on the server at 10:20 PM UTC time, if we assume there's gonna be 3 different world servers, each with three fams, that's 4 players per server on average, and because players won't be exactly evenly distributed due to how players get locked, chances for people being able to kill off towns during low pop will be plentiful, also if you don't want to risk people catching you and cursing you out, just join back as one of the Eve's after the towns dead for the night and go hug a wolf, unless the new fam Eve dying also doesn't count as a real lineage death.

And while it's all well and good to just say "Basically the progress in tech would go beyond oil" that's not a thing we even have yet, so it's gonna be a long time till slightly meaningful recourse wars can be a thing, and for some reason, people will still be fighting over oil to power their diesel engine well pump because they need to get more pies going using their adobe oven and bonfire in the middle of a house if anything this tech tree needs a stronger trunk and less spindly branches with laughably week supports.


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Re: Having your own family

Bellium wrote:


You dont choose who you spawn as and you couldnt just /die, dying would lock you out for an hour, griefing mothers would be cursed by their babies and it's very unlikely that a village would only have one fertile female or possible fertile female left.

A griefer spawning as a pseudo Eve would be an issue but there's solutions for that.

All these issues have solutions that would require more in depth thought, the post is not really focused on this aspect.

If anything having your own family and a limited world is the perfect oppurtunity to tackle the griefing issue more seriously than it is currently since it would be more apparent and couldnt be ignored.

"And while it's all well and good to just say "Basically the progress in tech would go beyond oil" that's not a thing we even have yet"

At first it would be about oil and iron which can already be somewhat interesting but as more content is added it would evolve to more than that.

DestinyCall wrote:

Being trapped in a small box with a bunch of other players, fighting over limited resources until one group "wins" by being the last man standing, battle royale style, and the box resets so the next arc can begin ... you are right, that is exactly how it works in the real world.  I don't know why I said it was gamey.

You're mixing rift and arc, while the rift had some positives and was an interesting period to play in (more interesting than the current dull and boring game imo) it definitly wasn't good, i'm not talking about that though, our planet has oceans, continents and enough space and fighting with everyone is definitly not the best way to go, since you need others.

Very different than a claustrophobic box where killing everyone has no consequences.

That's why the incentive of killing others for their ressources and have your group "win" shouldnt be the best option and doing this would actually be the worst option and detrimental to your family's survival in the long run.

There's plenty of positive incentive you could think of for having multiple families alive, i talked about the perks that each civilisation native from a biome would have and if the danger of going to a biome for a non native is high enough then keeping other families alive would be in your families best interest, there's plenty of other positive incentives that could be added, this is one of them.

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