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How do I know what to eat?

The tutorial introduces a few foods, and tells me I should eat berries until I am full, but I see other players eating lots of other foods.

How do I find food to eat, learn how to eat it, and decide what I should eat next?

I also see players making food like pies. How do I find out how to make new food?


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Re: How do I know what to eat?

Should I Eat The Same Food Repeatedly Until I am Full?:

    "Eat berries until you are full" or any other food repeatedly until you are full for that matter in a repeated fashion, is not recommended for all situations, even in the wild.  Even worse, when it would be wise to eat the same food repeatedly until you are full is at best the rare exception which you are unlikely to encounter, if you ever encounter such an exceptional case at all.  If eating the same food, it's better to eat only until you aren't starving, or preferably just not eat the same food repeatedly at all in one's life.

How do I find out how to make new food?: has a comprehensive and visual guide to making things in the game.

How do I decide what to eat next?:

    As a shorthand, Meh = Bad.  Yum = Good.  Craving = The Best. 

    Before the age of ten, one should eat a variety of food such as a berry, a carrot, an onion, a bite of popcorn, skim milk, whole milk, and possibly some other farm crops, or something like sauerkraut, which in general are simple vegetables instead of meats or meat based pies, or complex combinations of vegetables such as three sisters stew and bean burritos.  The reasoning here is that, in general, vegetable foods have smaller pip value than heavier meals, and you can waste plenty of pips possible from eating, for example, a turkey slice at 4 years of age.  Skim and whole milk are similar to vegetables in that they have low default pip value, and perhaps would ideally get consumed first at 5 or 6 after last consuming a woman's milk between 4 and 5 (this is provided that your mother or other caregiver is willing to breast feed you once you have hair ... "YOU'RE THREE, GET A JOB" would not sound strange to hear in the world of OHOL).  Notice also, the use of the singular here when referring to the food types, as eating a different food every meal is highly recommended.  One can try to check that it says 'yum' instead of 'meh' when you pick the food up to eat.  If it says 'meh', try to find a food that says 'yum' instead. 

    Once you have reached the age of ten what you ideally would eat can get summed up by one word: "craving".  During that time period and after, you can see in the lower left hand part of your screen that it says "craving" with the name of some food.  To maximize time in which you don't have to eat, and increase the benefit of yum, ideally you would eat only what you "crave" for the rest of your days.  This isn't possible in all situations though, for various reasons.  And one has to learn to recognize the names of food, which the tutorial provides you no help whatsoever with for almost all foods.

How do I learn to eat and make food?

    Again, the use of is recommended.

    Anything marked with "Food: x", where x is a numeral, at should be edible.  The following goes into some of those details.   

    Raw pies are white and not edible.  Colored pies are cooked and edible.  All pies get cooked in an oven.  There are eight basic types of the same color, berry pie, berry carrot pie, berry rabbit pie, berry rabbit carrot pie, carrot pie, rabbit pie, rabbit carrot pie (carrot rabbit pie is the same pie), and mutton pie.  You will need to check which type of pie you have picked up by it's name to know if it satisfies your craving.   There is also pumpkin pie, but it's not containable (it doesn't fit in a backpack), and pumpkins only evolve by random mutation, and the recipe is somewhat more complex than the others.

    Rabbits that look pink and big are not edible.  Rabbits that look more redish and are smaller in comparison are edible.  Rabbits that look redish have been cooked over hot coals with a skewer.  Geese are also cooked over hot coals using a skewer.

    Eggs have to be cooked.  Sure, it would make sense if players could eat raw eggs, but it doesn't work that way in the game.  To cook an egg, a flat rock get thrown onto hot coals.  Then an egg gets thrown onto the hot flat rock.  Finally, a plate is used to remove the egg.  If a plate is not used to remove the egg in time it burns.  A burnt egg can get removed from hot coals with a skewer. 

    Milk is another food that you can make.  To make it feed a cow corn kernels.  Then wait until it has a baby and the baby moves away from it's mother.  Then use a bucket on the cow.  If you want whole milk, use a bowl on the bucket immediately.  If you want skim milk, leave the bucket alone and allow the milk to congeal for a while.

    Bread is made by letting dough rise, which requires the passage of time after the flour got watered in a bowl.  Flour is made by picking up wheat with a clay bowl and mashing it with a stone (a stone that looks round, NOT a sharp stone).  Then the bread needs sliced with a knife.  Then cooked in an oven.  Finally, it needs cut with a knife after cooked.

    Stew, pickles, bean burritos, tortilla chips, potatoes, french fries, sauerkraut, and pork tacos are some other foods that can get cooked or prepared.  And each of those have their own details.

    One final simple recipe, which you might cook at a very young age in your next life and then eat for purposes of yum: place dry corn in a clay bowl.  Then hold that bowl over the fire (you don't need to drop it, just walk onto the fire), and watch and hear it pop into popcorn.

Why Eat Yum or Craving Foods?

   Eating a yum food provides one extra pip (or bar) of food time that you get, plus the number of pips of yum foods that one has previously eaten.  For example, if one eats a berry when it is yum, and has eaten a carrot and popcorn already, one gains 2 extra bars of time on top of the value that the berry provides.  If one eats an onion afterwards, then one gains 3 extra bars of time on top what the onion provides.  But, if one had eaten a carrot, since it will be a 'meh' food, one only gets the value from what the carrot provides.

   Cravings boost yum even more.  For example, if one craves a cactus fruit, and it says "+3" in the lower left hand corner, then one gets 3 *extra* yum from the cactus fruit, plus whatever yum one already had.  Thus, if one had 5x yum already, one gets 8 extra bars of time from eating the cactus fruit, AND one has, I think, 8 yum ready and waiting for the next food to get eaten.

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Re: How do I know what to eat?

The best thing you can do is to eat only yum foods. You can see whether a food is yum or not to you when you are holding it (above the food bar "yum" or "meh" will appear when you are holding a food).
Every food is yum only first time you eat it in current life.
That's why it's good to have big variety of foods.

Yeah, you could eat only berries, but that would be super water inefficient. Water is finite. here you have all possible foods. Most of them are fairly easy to make.

Making own private server (Very easy! You can play on it even if you haven't bought the game)
Zoom mod
Mini guide for beginners
website with all recipies


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