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#1 2020-02-16 13:00:13

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Global score and content prize

Global score: Average of the score of all the players who played in the last x number of days.

If the global score reaches x number of points players unlock content added to the game.

This gives a global incentive for players to have the best score.

Motivates players that wouldn't care about having more tool slots or individual score competition.

To avoid some people griefing global score by continuously dying/killing/etc, players that are cursed by x number of people dont count for global score.

Maybe reset score every week to make it a weekly challenge (more interesting) and also avoid players to have accounts on purpose with a bad score connecting every now and then to stealthily lower global score.

Goes without saying that this would be a big motivation for most players (long term players) to care about the score.


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