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#1 2020-02-12 17:10:24

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Between Good and Evil

This morning before heading out for the day I sat down to live a life. Just one hour of fun before getting my oil changed and some other boring errands. It was one of the more entertaining lives that I've had.

I was born in the holy land of Zucc, to my mother Maleeyah Quant. We were the translator family, which ended up working out great in the multicultural bell town. A ginger man asked to name me and she let him. You are Satchel Quant, he said. It was one of those placeholder names you see sometimes, like Newana or Stuthi. He just tried to name me Satan. Roleplay is like improv comedy, it involves a lot of participation. Someone sets you up and you go along with it. So today, I was Satan.

Wearing my devil mask, I managed to put together an all-red outfit complete with a devilish red cloak. Spreading masks to my followers, they began to dress in red as well. Quickly, a satanic cult established itself. My mother and younger brother were ensnared by my charisma, and cries of "HAIL SATAN!" resounded. My mother's last word before dying of old age- "Hail!" What a nice woman. With my serpent's tongue and powers of translation the cult quickly spread to members of the ginger and jungle families as well.

While I slowly grew in power, a child was born to the ginger Mensink family. Jesus Mensink. My sworn foe. Named by his uncle Hank, the same man that had named me before. I told that man, "I follow you."

Some people were not happy to see our cult growing in power, and we were quickly targeted. A ginger woman wearing a crown, flashing a knife and warning me not to try anything. A black woman stealing masks and red clothing to hide in the desert. I was attacked and run out of town by a posse, leaving a pithy remark before escaping. When I returned, lies were already spreading between the people. They were quick to hate the devil- though I'd done nothing wrong. Fooolish mortals. How so very... evil of them.

These attacks were repeated, and eventually I was touched by a blade. It was in that moment when a young man came to my aid... Jesus Mensink, dressed in pure white. He healed me, the devil, and I escaped once more in the confusion. I returned to find that the woman who'd been stealing my masks had stabbed him- the savior- as revenge for healing me. I was torn. In an act of mercy he had saved me, his mortal enemy. Could I turn my back? No; I had to save him. So I rushed headlong back into the den of tigers. I healed him and shouted, run! We ran north and he escaped on horseback even as angry calls sounded around us.

I made no move to hide, proud as I was. I stood plain to see in my devil's mask, rebuking the townsfolk as sinners. What fools they were, how black their hearts must be. No matter how I was pursued I always returned again and again to spit vemon in their faces. Slowly, something within me began to change. A moment came, something that I could never have expected. A sudden realization came upon me as I faced my attackers. Your Lord Hank Mensink has died. You now follow Jesus Mensink. The words came unbidden to my lips and I repeated them aloud: "I follow Lord Jesus Mensink."

I stepped out of my exile in the desert and fell upon a knife. A man watching from a distance stepped forward and removed the hood that had been covering his face. There he was, Jesus Mensink. Returned and hiding among the people. With one last searching look he ran to fetch help.

My devil's mask remained firmly fixed. I could no longer remove it.

It played like a fun little parable about the true nature of good & evil, and how our own perceptions play into that. It was also pretty funny. Jesus Mensink, if you're on the forums. Thanks for playing along. It was fun!

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#2 2020-02-12 19:35:14

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Re: Between Good and Evil

That was beautiful and a little sad. Shame on those people trying to ruin villain/hero roleplay! Jesus and satchel were true bros to eachother.



#3 2020-02-12 23:25:52

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Re: Between Good and Evil

The devil isn't evil, They punish sinners in hell. Still a nice twist I was expecting the old "They named me Satan so I killed everyone" story.

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