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OHOL Korean - 한국어

hello! i am ppsmm

100% translation failed. (Replace only image)
But I'm writing this because I want to let you know that Koreans have also tried to translate. (If you can help, I would appreciate your help.)

OHOL Korean Translations

In fact, before looking at the information in the OHOL forums, I searched the client files one by one.
Later, I wanted to modify it to 100% Korean input, but it was a challenge that was impossible for the general public.
Now that I understand how language works, I know that it is a relatively easy problem to solve in 1byte cultures, but difficult in cultures that use 2byte languages.
(ex 1Byte= A,B,C / 2Byte=한,국,어,韓,子)

As far as I've experimented and studied, it appears that there is a character input code on the executable side of the game. (I'm a normal player.)

In fact, two-byte languages such as Korean are difficult to make letters into images.
Therefore, it is necessary to change the encoding of the executable file to Unicode format and input characters except English to be input in Unicode within the game for normal translation.

Anyway, Korean players also tried to translate
I'm writing this post to inform you about people and contents in 2byte languages.

---- Below is a description for Korean people.---

본 게임 에 대해서 번역을 시도를 아예 안한 것은 아니지만, 아쉽게도 일부 인터페이스 이미지를 한글화 하는데만 성공하였습니다.
전체를 변경하기위해선 실행파일에 인코딩 언어와 입력 코드를 수정해야하는데, 저는 일반인 이라서 어렵네요. (한국은 2바이트로 사실상 유니코드로 변경하지 않으면 거의 불가능한 작업입니다.)
여튼 누군간 시도하였고, 또 누군간 계속 이어주길 바래서 글을 적습니다. 그리고 부분 한글 패치 및 어디까지 번역을 시도하였나는 한국 OHOL 유저 커뮤니티 네이버 카페에 제가 올려놧으니..한국분들은 참고 부탁드립니다...

Have a Nice Day!

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ppsmm (korean Nickname=속상함 / Pronunciation=Sok San Ham / Meaning=Upset)
One player who likes OHOL.


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