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#1 2019-05-24 06:23:51

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Eve question and finite + infinite map,villages too far suggestion.

"@jasonrohrer and everyone:

Should eve's always spawn in untouched wilderness or after a certain point (1 month?) it would be ok if they didn't?"

Imo the easiest and my favorite solution would be to have a finite map with finite ressources, big enough for maybe a month and limit eve spawns.

Managing well ressources = map lasting longer

Otherwise an apocalypse is needed

And maybe at some point it could be self sustainable (new iron mine etc)

Also having a finite map would be practical to have tracking data of ressources usage over time and maybe generate and load the entire map on server start.


if eve's should always start in untouched wilderness no matter what, then maybe having a finite map at first that extends each time an eve spawns could be doable?

Villages are still too far right now.

At server start there could be a 3k map (or more/less) that has to be shared amongst a certain number of eve's.

After a certain point every new eve would also create a chunk of map.

That new map chunk is added to the "finite map", and the new eve can have untouched wilderness not too far from other civilisations.

The interesting part is when reaching the "border" you would get to the other point of the map effectively making the map "round", so heading in one direction you would have a much greater chance to find civilisation (but it could take years), unless there is none at all in that direction.

Unlike now where heading in a direction is a coin flip (sure it was true for human civilisations too but only after a certain point, now if you have a car or plane heading in any direction you will find civilisation given enough time).

There would have to be limits on the number of eve's per day and maybe re-use spots where eve's died quickly to limit how much the map grows per day but it could be doable.

But it seems much more complicated than roughly calculating how big the map should be to last a month (or other time) and having a finite map that could be reset with apocalypse anyway or a wipe at worst.


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