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Shoutout to Jessica Rockett

I just had a really good life as a 2nd gen member of the Rockett family. Being born to an eve can be hard, but I was very quickly able to go out into the wilderness and bring back a shit ton of bananas to keep the camp fed while everyone else began to advance up the tech tree. I eventually upgraded from banana boy to trapper and brought a metric fuck ton of rabbits and wheat and squash seeds.
But y'know who the real MVP is?
My boy, Jessica Rockett.
Now you're probably wondering, what did he do? And, more importantly, why is 'jessica' a boy? I can't answer the later one other than that Eve Rockett was a wild one.
But the first question I can answer. Jessica just got to work right away getting the smithy put together and just generally being a productive member of society and also was friendly and polite with all his interactions with other people. Not only did he get the smithy put together but he made iron tools using the iron I brought back. He was just an overall upstanding dude and I wouldn't mind playing with him again.
If you're reading this, this is your older brother- Florian Rockett! Hope you remember me smile … id=3388719

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