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#1 2018-04-10 16:16:33

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Released Packs and New Installation Method

I am Thexus, the organizer of the OHOL translator community.

We currently have around 12 translators on the discord server. We are happy to see new faces.
The translator's discord server:

We translated the game to four lannguages: Hungarian, German, Spanish and Polish
All of the above languages are up to date for the v73 version
A lot of other languages are in progress.

As in the title, i changed the installation method from an .exe to a more friendly copy-and-paste format.

Download link for the Language Packs: … 2jO3t38RG1
^ Google Drive doesn't like the ~680 files in the objects folder, so i had to make it a .rar

How to install:
1, unpack the translations.rar
2, copy the contents into the game's folder
3, that's it, now enjoy the game in the above languages

How to install another language, if you have already installed a pack:
1, Delete the objects folder
2, Start the game
3, Wait for the crash (from the deleted objects folder)
4, Copy the new contents into the game's folder

If you want to contriute to the pack, or just chat with us, you can contact us on Discord:
My discord tag is: Thexus#3774

Discord: Translators' Server, Thexus#3774
Working again on translations, oof


#2 2018-04-11 15:09:35

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Re: Released Packs and New Installation Method



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