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#1 Re: Main Forum » Gender lightning rod » 2020-06-19 03:41:15

i forgot the name of the guy who necroed it, i think slinkys screenshot shows that he is called Guy.

This was a very smart trap, i think Guy searched for a forum post that he knew would draw the attention from spoon (something about fathers)
And then made an alt account and waited patiently until spoon would come on and pushed this thread to the top at the right moment.

#2 Re: Main Forum » Gender lightning rod » 2020-06-18 20:42:57

someone else necrod this thread and than deleted their comment (i saw it yesterday)
spoon made a comment after the necro comment, this was a trap for spoonwood

#3 Re: Main Forum » Playtime is not linearly correlated with curses received » 2020-05-29 20:22:47

This all started from here:

But since then Jason added a forgiveness mechanic and fixed a bug that would send people with only a few curses to DT, so things should be better now.

#4 Re: Main Forum » Food stats » 2020-05-29 15:17:14

Its done from the first column, since the pips changed drastically over time,
The charts show how often someone eats something, i just wanted to see if people eat less berries now.

#5 Main Forum » Food stats » 2020-05-29 12:27:14

Replies: 4

On this site you can see how much food people eat:
I saved this data from specific dates to find out how it changes (data taken from the week):




(charts made with

#6 Re: Main Forum » Playtime is not linearly correlated with curses received » 2020-05-27 07:30:02

Jason the first chart you made was this one:


Which shows a linear correlation, the more you play the more curses you will get, its a fact.
The more data points you have on the chart the more accurate it is, just look at the first 6000 min, in both charts you will see a linear correlation.
You changed the algorithm that draws the green line because you dident like it, to one that you like more.
It is important to be honest to yourself and to try to see the world how it is, even if the truth can be harsh. (general speaking)

i like the new curse forgiveness mechanic, this gives people who play a lot a chance to redeem some curses and i think it will make things more balanced

#7 Re: Main Forum » super bad problem: default vanilla zoom. » 2020-05-16 16:10:29

not being able to zoom out is a restriction and restrictions are fun, every good game dev knows that

#9 Re: Main Forum » New idea for killing » 2020-05-08 19:33:38

jasonrohrer wrote:

But the truth is that this is what world-class game design looks like.  You're watching it happen, live.

You keep taking short cuts by inventing arbitrary new rules that are not natural to the game, instead of coming up with good solutions.
You keep adding more and more confusing mechanics.

#10 Re: Main Forum » I have to remove cache to fix game but which cache or should I just » 2020-05-07 03:59:11

TheRubyCart wrote:

when I launched the game the cache.fcz reinstalls itself, is it supposed to be like this?

yes, the cache files get generated every time you launch the game.
if the cache files are bad than the game will not work correctly, so by deleting them you force the game to create new ones.

#11 Re: Main Forum » I have to remove cache to fix game but which cache or should I just » 2020-05-06 09:07:27

First find out where your One Hour One Life folder is (that has all the game data)
If you are using steam, it might be here:  C:\Program Files (86x)\Steam\steamapps\common\One Hour One Life

Then search for all files that contain the string "cache.fcz" and delete all of them. (without "")
Dont search them by hand, use your file explorer, press CTRL+F to open the search function.

#12 Re: Main Forum » Wow, posse system really worked » 2020-05-05 04:43:04

QuirkySmirkyIan wrote:

Lmao... I made the suggestion as a joke fourm then Jason decided to actually do it so I put a github request and looks where we are now. wink … 391#p93391

#13 Re: Main Forum » Simplicity vs complexity. » 2020-04-28 17:48:35

i agree with nearly everything said in this thread, especially Léonard's post, very nice post.

#14 Re: Main Forum » Simplicity vs complexity. » 2020-04-28 15:18:49

race restrictions, property fences, tool slots, how wells work, how iron veins work, war swords, war/peace mechanics, pose system, curse system

Often when jason encounters a problem he tries to solve it by creating a weird unintuitive mechanic instead of finding a good solution for it.

A long time ago you could create wells where ever you wanted, now you can only create them at specific spots that are inside a grid and creating a well will unlock iron? wtf is this
If there are too many wells, make it so each tile has a water value that generates slowly over time, a well can draw water from tiles in its range, this makes it so that if there are multiple wells next to each other you wont get more water since they draw water from the same tiles. (also desert tiles could hold less water)

All this weird mechanics are a very bad way to fix problems and they add up, he keeps adding more and making them more complex.
It makes the game much less enjoyable and new players will have a hard time learning them.

Jason believes he is making the most difficult game that has never existed before. He believes other people have no idea how to fix those problems and cannot judge if his mechanics are good or not. This way he justifies all of this.

#15 Re: Main Forum » Has anyone tried using fences like Jason says? » 2020-04-27 16:07:41

testo wrote:

... even if that is done with the authors resources and time and while he adds more to the "village" than others (I am talking about making airplanes or cars on  a property fenced area).

yes cars and airplanes, every village needs them, they are super useful and help everyone and its not like the oil that you need to get that iron is limited

testo wrote:

I will, however, remind you that the whole economy system that allows us to play this game and to comunicate throught the internet is not really based on "what is justified" or not, but rather on individualism, property and selfishness.

people dont play games to experience the flaws of the real world

Jojigirl wrote:

Property fences are a part of the game, if someone chooses to use them, then they should not get cursed for it.. They paid for the game just the same and should be able to make fences if they choose to do so.

Curses are a part of the game, if someone chooses to use them, then they should not get property fenced for it.. They paid for the game just the same and should be able to curse if they choose to do so

#17 Main Forum » Toxic is trying to steal accounts » 2020-04-24 06:53:02

Replies: 25

A player called Toxic (aka Bal) made a website that looks like the real one in order to steal accounts
this is how it looks like:
DO NOT enter your information into it.
here are some screenshots of things he said:
(pxshadow gave me this screenshot, he was telling toxic to not do it, the python talk is about something else, px was no helping toxic to do the account stealing in any way)

this is his public hash in the life logs: 5f772649bdb9191e76237f8ddcfe537052bc5bfd
(maybe jason can use it to find out his real identity)

he also threatened us with ddos
and was trying to hack the game server

#18 Re: Main Forum » In this video... » 2020-04-17 05:41:27

jasonrohrer wrote:

This town is not following rule #2 from California's Weapon Safety Handbook:  keep weapons under lock and key to prevent unauthorized access.

yes, all griefing could be prevented if people would use property fences.
property fences are amazing

#19 Re: Main Forum » Use your knowledge and imagination. » 2020-04-12 16:18:09

I would love to be able to put photos onto a wall

When you make a photo with the camera, out comes a photo paper,
while you have it in your hand you can see the photo on your screen and you can also rightclick a wall with it to put it on a wall.

#20 Re: Main Forum » Where can I find the New Food Values? » 2020-04-12 14:29:43

jasons commit says this:

jasonrohrer wrote:

There are still food surpluses everywhere. Food scale factor 0.5 (was 1.0), with eating bonus of 4 (was 2). This increases food pressure long-term, but not too hard for Eve starts.

to calculate you take the food value of an object and multiple it by the food scale, than add the food bonus:

so if you have carrots for example:
the food value is 5,
so you multiple it by 0.5 which becomes 2.5,
then you round up (like pein said) and it becomes 3
so carrots go from 5 to 3

at the end you just add the food bonus to it, if the food bonus is 4, than 3 + 4 = 7
but i think the food bonus disappears over generations?

#21 Re: Main Forum » Food nerf » 2020-04-11 18:14:09

If jason comes to a town and sees:

there is a lot of water/oil, than he will nerf water/oil.
there is a lot of iron, than he will nerf iron.
there is a lot of food, than he will nerf food.

All of those happened in the past and they will happen in the future again.
We can not convince jason that he is fundamentally doing the wrong changes.

BUT we can decide how much food/water/iron we produce.
Do not produce more than you need, always produce barley enough for survival,
Teach other players about the invisible eye that will take away their stuff if it sees they have a lot.

#22 Re: Main Forum » Private Server For Windows / Modding » 2020-04-08 05:25:30

i am not sure but for me this looks like your database files got corrupted when you closed the server.
i think pressing CTRL+C to shut down the server is important.
database files have .db at the end

#23 Re: Main Forum » Finding other towns/experts is STILL a pain, and how I'm fixing it » 2020-04-02 20:59:47

jasonrohrer wrote:

Would monopoly be way cool if you could move as far as you want each turn or what?

Would monopoly be way cool if you could only move one field each turn?

constraints are important yes, but it depends on what kind of constraints,
and it needs the right balance, not to few, not to many

#24 Re: Main Forum » Finding other towns/experts is STILL a pain, and how I'm fixing it » 2020-04-02 20:30:52

jasonrohrer wrote:

It's interesting to me that people complain about some feature or constraint, as if it's the problem, but if you actually get them to unpack it a bit more, there's a different problem lurking underneath.  Interacting with another family to get them to help you (via trade, gift, theft, etc.) isn't actually annoying.  But wandering around randomly for half your life to find them is horrible.

Constraints are the main problem, reading this reminds of when you saw tarr running around with a war sword killing people and you "realized" the actual problem is not the war sword but that there is no automatic kill mechanic.

#25 Re: Main Forum » Can we have photos shown in the menu page ingame or frontpage forum ? » 2020-04-02 13:29:13

would be cool if we could rightclick a wall with a photo and then the whole wall displays the photo in game

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