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Re: Your first grief?

Eve Troll wrote:

I meant like conflict driven hardships. Those dont happen, and its still impossible to invade another families territory and take it over. Being the last surviving female of your slaughtered bloodline carried emotions and feelings that dont exist in this game anymore. You held a resentment towards that family, a duty to future generations, and this ambition that you would one day take back your homeland in the name of your family.

The only hardships we face these days are technical ones. Emotional hardships hardly exist anymore.

I'm telling you that still happens. It might not be frequent, but I personally have been born to the sole refugee of a mother fleeing war. She posted us up in a dead town far away where the waring Carrols wouldn't find us. It was a shithole, and convincing everyone to move back after the war was over took quite a bit of work.


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Eve Troll
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Re: Your first grief?

Good to hear it happens occasionally. I really miss the harrowing elements of this game. They used to be prevalent in almost every life, especially in the rift. Sure it was stressful but it gave a dynamic to the game that has since been lost. Griefers also rarely griefed in they way they do now. They had many different avenues to grief that didnt have extreme impacts on the overall survivability of a town or family. Knicks and bruises vs going straight for the jugular. Its a lot more satisfying to get beaten down then stand up and overcome that hardship. There isnt anything satifying about having a town disabled within a generation that results in hours of recovery just to get back to the state it was in before the damage. If the ginger town gets hit and the supply of oil is disabled it basically kills late game for the server. None of that is satisfying.

As dodge mentions there are some folks who would prefer this game to just be exclusively a cooperative and friendly experience. Those kinds of systems only work in single player games, or games with such rigid structures any ability for people to be disruptive are disabled. But even then people find exploits and holes to dig into.

Given how much this game is ruled by the human element and given the amount of access players have to the fabric of the game i dont see that ever happening. Think about human civilization, has the world ever existed where it ran exclusively upon cooperation and friendliness? Expecting that to change in this game is like expecting humans to change, its a nice thought but we do have to accept the world we live in and do our best to survive. In my perspective all of the mechanics that have been added to control or promote behavior have only make things worse, more destructive, and boring. I hope we can see the game return to a place where the human elements of this game are not filtered or suppressed by mechanics anymore.

When i used to have an upsetting life, it would remind me of some element of society that has occured in the past. Wars, slavery, betrayal, murder, raids, bandits, being a refugee, etc. As upsetting as those lives could be, they gave me a unique experience and a look into the psyche of what it would feel like to live in those circumstances. That isnt part of the game anymore. And there are abundant elements that have no tie to reality while disabling those older harrowing elements. Stuff like leadership, kill mechanics, homeland, biome restrictions, and previously tool slots.

One day i hope to see the human element set free.

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