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#1 2020-11-25 21:02:21

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What happened here?

Recently there has been a lot of hate happing here, I think it started with gogo's post on spoonwood, the weird thing that this hole hate train started at the same time Morti came back who is the most positive person here, (but I don't think these instances are related it is just a coincidence). I am making this post as a broad stroke to everything that has been happening and I know I'm not the only person who noticed this because the mods have been more active in stopping our discussion threads because of this behavior. I don't have any solutions but these words:

"Think before you post"

I don't want anyone to be banned but a lot of us are near that tipping point so be carful now time for me to retreat to my cave.

"hear how the wind begins to whisper, but now it screams at me" said ashe
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#2 2020-11-25 21:17:34

From: Discord
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Re: What happened here?

Threads that are obviously made just to bait arguments shouldn't be allowed and the authors should be punished.

I'm Slinky. I /blush. I also don't read essays.


#3 2020-11-25 22:25:04

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Re: What happened here?

DiscardedSlinky wrote:

Threads that are obviously made just to bait arguments shouldn't be allowed and the authors should be punished.

One can't discover the truth in at least some things without considering things from many points of view.  That requires people make arguments, and requires encouraging people with opposing views to make arguments.  Discouraging people from making an argument, a connected series of propositions to support a position, would mostly, if not entirely, lead to poverty of thinking and narrow mindedness.  Being provocative is sometimes necessary to understand what people's positions are or so that a position gets heard and understood.

That said, sure, there exist plenty of people who don't want to see others arguments for the right reasons.

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#4 2020-11-26 04:27:52

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Re: What happened here?

I'd say it started when Jason let the Nazis in


#5 2020-11-26 04:39:58

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Re: What happened here?

In hindsight, that might have been a mistake.


#6 2020-11-27 05:08:37

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Re: What happened here?

I remember when I was banned from this forum.

I had a thought I felt very passionately about and I went out on a limb expressing it.
Sometimes people have to do that, to understand where the tree's limbs are strongest.

We take big risks breaking traditions; in communications, it's no different.
People feel their thoughts should be taken seriously, or, just want to be heard and acknowledged.

It's difficult, to find you are not in the same book as everyone else, let alone on the same page, on any matter.
But that is reward of being a part of humanity, with our flowers and fruit out on nearly 8 billion branches now.

We're replacing the role of evolution and the diversity of life, with the role of ideas; points, beliefs, attitudes, reasons, and everything that follows.
If you're willing to go far enough out on a limb, you, and your ideas, may just fall far enough from the tree that you don't need to compete with it for fertile conditions where you; your ideas, can grow.

Then sometimes a herbivorous predator comes along and eats you off the tree and shits the seed of your idea somewhere perfect for them to grow.
Other times they just deposit you in a cave, where your idea is going to dry up and turn to dust.

They might turn your ideas into hard cider and get each other drunk on them.

It's a risk you take feeding the world ideas.


Sometimes being bad is going out on a limb.
Sometimes being good is, too.

But FFS, do what feels right to you and at the end of the day, the tree of right, and all it's kids, will grow and strengthen the forest, while the trees of wrong, find there seeds, winding up at the bottoms of trash pits, or worse, actively avoided by the resources they need to sustain themselves, in this case; minds.

I've said things that have shut me out of some minds, if you haven't, I'm not sure you're doing this; being a human, thing, very well.
It's a risk we take; to be honest, to be happy, to make the world interesting, for each other.

It's a risk we take, so that what we think, might live on - maybe even thrive.


It's good to see passion for ideas, even if they are challenging, to deal with.


Please consider the ways I have interacted with some people, like Dodge when we were discussing global warming, or Bobo, when they managed to kill me on stream. I see welcoming people into my life, now higher a priority, than keeping bad ideas out - whatever those might be.
In fact, there is no longer even a comparison in value, between a mind and an idea.
And when you care about minds over ideas, and you want to see those minds, and to show them the reward of good ideas, you get some control over that urge we initially tend to have in communication with others, to want to degrade the mind for having a thought, attitude or opinion, that you do not find valuable.
People are billion dollar business purchases, compared to the pennies, the left or right swipes on ideas are worth.

We communicate with people. We have to be able to communicate.
I, have an overwhelming desire, to find the people behind the ideas.
To connect, with others, even when we disagree.

Do I do a great job at making those important connections I want to have with everyone?
I do not.

But I am willing to continue trying. That is never off the table.

I'm not a great person, in any way.

Just wanted to share some thoughts on how I view people and ideas, and what they are to me.
Seemed appropriate.


Careful you don't conflate protecting what you love, with attacking what you think is wrong.

Keep in mind, how good it feels, to see what you love, grow.

Focus on the loving, and the growing.
it's more fruitful.


#7 2020-11-27 05:14:59

Eve Troll
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Re: What happened here?


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