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#1 2020-11-25 06:34:09

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Water Stages and Generation Number

I just played as Grenvile Probst … id=6771033 in generation 13.  My hometown was on a diesel water pump.  There exist two Ginger families, Hazels and Wolfs.  I had wanted to see one, and took a horse to Wolfs.  I think they resettled Batman's original town?  Sam Wolf died at about the same time and is generation 21: … id=6771034  Their newcomen pump was almost dry.  I then decided to go to Morgans (tan) with Alice Morgan dying at about the same time as me: … id=6771017 at generation 32.  I'm sure that Morgans started from scratch, as I went there as a white earlier in the day, and then later played there as a Morgan, having to scramble to get fed as a child, as my mom said something like "I don't need you", and then others were later saying she lead a bear to town.  Morgan's pump was early to midway through.

Sure, generation and water stage never had an exact relationship.  Different level of skilled players and different populations sizes.  But, still it seems weird though to see three towns, and the family latest in terms of generation is earliest in the water process... especially with food generational decline.

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Re: Water Stages and Generation Number

This gets even more confused when you consider that it's not always clear if the current well was built by this family's Eve.


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