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#1 2020-11-24 14:33:19

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Even If It Were Family Speciality...

It's not family specialty.  It's race specialty.  But, even if it were family specialty, there's still the issue of families dying out at a bad time.  Imagine that families could not resettle towns, nor could they loot towns, and every family had to rebuild from scratch.  Imagine also that one of the three families with biome abilities (*when* a server has at least 15 players on it), dies out.  There's first the problem of needing an expert to do something.  Then there's the question of whether those people can do something and understand the system.  Then there's the other problem of them getting found in time.  Then there's the other problem of it as a suitable time to do that sort of thing.  Like imagine that Gingers died out.  Then one has to go find Gingers to get them to do kerosene, since one's brown town, hypothetically, has no kerosene left.  But, the Gingers are an Eve camp.  If playing as brown one would need to get them up to a point to be able to do an oil rig fast.  But, that encourages the brown player to throw all sorts of things at the ginger family so that they have the resources to do so.  So, the new Ginger family isn't rebuilding from scratch and doing things on their own merits.

Also, and more importantly, imagine how things would be with a server full of 120 players.  One of the necessary families dies out at the wrong time.  Eve might have only 4 children, but she can easily get 3 girls, and that camp is quickly full of 15 or more people.  A (true) Eve camp should prioritize trading for others over what they need to do to have something to eat and have some clothing and heat *now*?  No, they shouldn't. 

And if there existed 120 players consistently, with the fourish family system, one lineage dying out would increase the other family's population fairly quickly, and thus mean they needed food, and thus their water resources that much quicker.  Then on top of that, there's the whole issue that if the game had that many players consistently, many of them would be newer and slower at understanding how to do things in game.  Worse yum for a family, more farming issues, more potential problems with bad buildings, more excessive roleplayers not doing much, and a lower proportion of players who know how to do rubber or oil.

Kind of like how NONE of Jason's Rifts could ever handle maximum player population on a server.  But, not quite as drastic.

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