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#1 2020-07-17 03:02:21

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Update: Pipeline


Long-distance pipelines can drain the new diesel oil well from afar, and also give you more oil per well than the Newcomen pump.

And pipes, for both sprinklers and oil, can pass through property fences now.

This might seem like a simple change, but with all those different pipe orientations and and flow directions, it's actually pretty complicated, requiring 125 new objects this week to stitch the whole thing together and make it work.  Long distance flow requests and responses, with no code changes needed to make it happen.


#2 2020-07-17 04:04:31

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Re: Update: Pipeline

The new diesel oil pump gives 24 crude oil at a cost of one kerosene. No more water, charcoal, and rubber to get oil!!!

The pipelines will be fun, even if they are only used to allow non-gingers to collect crude oil from a pump (you can pipe to outside the arctic).

It would be great if there were branches on the pipes so you could have multiple spigots, or multiple oil pumps connected. That way you could pre-build a lot of infrastructure (imagine multiple tarry spots connected with a pipeline, running back to town).

Thanks for the content Jason, let's try it out!


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