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Iron and Trading Conversation

I played in Morgan family yesterday as a nameless character: … id=6769678  Hectic start.  I'm born in the wilderness apparently, with my mother saying "I DON'T NEED YOU", but she did pick me up.  Then she tells me to "WAIT HERE", and I'm not near the fire or any structure.  I don't believe she's going to come back to feed me, so, I scramble following here, and find the main fire, and others feed me.  One of the elders says she brought a bear to town, and we get down to the last bite or two of pies.  I had been there earlier as a white walking to their town, though I don't want to mention the character's name, because I don't want the specter of politics here.  I usually will take a pepper and tomato when I go to a new family, but I didn't on purpose that life, since I was going to tans.  It felt kind of strange to see a tan town at generation 10 who hadn't gotten tomatoes and peppers, especially since the jungle is kind of close to Morgan's town.  Maybe I have too high expectations of players who don't know much about the game or something.

Anyways, the camp feels rough and undeveloped.  I don't think it's a good choice to leave town for exchange purposes.  In Hetuw chat though some whom plays Whites gets talking, and then later NoTruePunk joins in.  The following isn't exact or even a good paraphrase, but I think it gets the point across.  I didn't have any intention of looking for a way to increase the potential iron supply for tans that life, as there seemed too much else to do.

Someone: Whites need latex and palm oil.

Spoonwood: Tans have only one mine.  Can you bring us some iron?

Someone: No.


NoTruePunk: Whites need latex and palm oil.

Spoonwood: Tans need iron.

NoTruePunk: Whites are going to die.  We need latex and palm oil.

Spoonwood: Tans have only one mine.  Bring us iron.

NoTruePunk: Loot a dead town for iron.

There's two Github reports about the iron system: .  Jason responded that the iron system should motivate trade.  The response was that the iron system motivates looting: .  In fairness, playing as a black last Wednesday a few days before this there was some white of a member of Krauts who came to the blacks town and dropped iron and wanted some sulfur.  I had dropped two bowls of sulfur in the latex buckets in Krauts town before that.  I didn't feel blacks needed the iron at the time, though I didn't check their mines to see if they were likely to be able to pull their own weight in that regard.  But, there wasn't time to explain that, and the white took the bowls of sulfur I had, and dropped iron, left, and said "NICE DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU".  Thing was, even if I had stayed in town, I would have given her the sulfur that life for free.

Oh, and did tans end up trading for iron (or steel), like at all?  Does anyone reading this know?  Or did they just loot a dead town?  And what did having only one mine motivate you to do?  Trade with whites, or loot a dead town?


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