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#26 2020-09-29 00:30:47

Eve Troll
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Re: Update: Solo Challenge

Arcurus wrote:
Caprys wrote:

True, it would waste allot of time. Another problem is that with a fenced in town with ally gates I don't think you can even let vistors from other towns inside your gate unless they follow the leader of your town (or follow a follower of your leader).

you can manually put the ally gate in open state if you are one of the owners.

What's the difference between that and having no gate though. Back in the rift/no biome restrictions it made sense since the only time suck was letting someone in or out, which wasn't an issue if you managed ownership properly. The only places gates have is when families are self reliant. Otherwise they are just a waste of time. Dead content as far as I'm concerned. Right along side crude cars, planes, and bonsais.


#27 2020-09-30 18:27:35

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Re: Update: Solo Challenge

jasonrohrer wrote:

And of course, just like you can revisit the tutorial whenever you want, you can revisit this solo challenge too, almost like an alternate play mode (which many players have already been simulating by connecting to low population servers).

So, I went and used the default client, died in the old snake pit the fast way (using the kindling that already exists), then I used 'reborn' to start in the solo challenge area, and I could tell I was there since I did find the quick exit snake pit and had the message about being there on screen.  I lived to 60.  I clicked 'reborn' again and was the baby of someone.

Is the only way to go back there by killing one's character in the older training area?


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