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#1 Re: Main Forum » why am I getting spawned as cursed eve with micheal wood on discord » 2020-02-29 04:28:19

Dodge wrote:

Legs is not using his brain tongue

If he ever does it will lose it's collectors value. It's still in mint condition.

#2 Re: Main Forum » Mr. Rohrer's Lies About What His Servers Provide » 2020-02-29 04:23:19

When Spoonwood isn't on these forums posting the exact same gripe every single day, he goes over to a McDonald's forum and incessantly complains that the Big Mac he was served in the restaurant doesn't look exactly like the one in the TV commercial.

#3 Re: Main Forum » Jason, Green Walls? » 2020-02-29 04:17:30

sigmen4020 wrote:
JasonY wrote:

Who gives a fuck

QuirkySmirkyIan obviously does. Otherwise they wouldn’t have made the thread.

JasonY didn't feel like scrolling up. Hopefully he will see this before too many other posts are made or he's going to have to ask again!

#4 Re: News » Update: Black Wall » 2020-02-29 04:14:24


When you say "less griefable rails" do you mean it's harder to remove rails, or that it's harder for people to drop down stupid, useless rails to grief towns with? Because the primary use for rails that I've ever seen is to waste floor space in buildings with useless rails so objects can't be placed there anymore.

#5 Re: Main Forum » Nice QR Code » 2020-02-19 04:16:30

Thank you. I'm glad ya got a laugh from it!

#6 Re: Main Forum » History of Succ Town? » 2020-02-19 04:14:34

JasonY wrote:

Punkeytown (Or the one with a big row of bells) was founded at around 1634. Looks like by two people with horses who brought tools and started working on the initial site.

It was only one person (who did bring tools). Didn't bring many horses though: usually just ran over every (male) life.

#7 Re: Main Forum » History of Succ Town? » 2020-02-17 07:42:19

I think they just ran out of any oil nearby. Punkytown didn't get established until a few days after Zucc and because of this, Zucc was just more crowded for longer and so also was burning more oil as well. That's why they are out. I think Punkytown has become the main bell town now pretty much because it still has a good amount of oil. I carefully picked the spot because it had lots of swamp near with ponds, and also desert and jungle nearby for those resources, and even though there isn't any oil like really really close to Punkytown, there is like 6 wells all a short horse ride. The four corners of the sheep pen are waystones guiding people to the nearest oil that's NW - SW - NE - & SE. I think all this helps. I don't know how much longer Punkytown can keep going, but I think for a bit still. The careful planning I believe makes a difference.

#8 Re: Main Forum » This forum is full of more drama than a 13yo girl’s sleepover » 2020-02-14 06:58:21

Forget all this. I want to hear how Karltown's last sleepover went.

#9 Re: Main Forum » An interesting change. » 2020-02-14 06:57:18

Y'all keep talking about how all these teams of griefers are forming possies to kill everyone,. but Jason's data shows almost all murders are still solo acts. Your fears and complaints just don't match the facts, and yet you persist. Interesting.

#10 Re: News » Update: No Solo » 2020-02-14 06:52:58


I'd like to point out that some of those "cold blood" solo murders are people asking someone to murder them and being obliged. I still don't understand the logic behind it but I see it happen frequently. I'd estimate 10% or more of your solo murder victims ran around begging people to stab them.

#11 Re: Main Forum » Griefers invaded Punkytown » 2020-02-10 12:14:33

cordy wrote:

I think the lesson is... for future city planning....

Stone floors for everything. Farms, smithy, bakery. (They kept adze-ing the floors.)

No walls for bakery and smithy....they just block them the doorway (example the distiller/cars/planes in Zucc). And lock doors.

Also...everyone removes the doors anyway. LOL

They also kept de-plastering Zucc.

Indoor bonus is not much anyway. With doors always being removed. And rooms being too big.  Also kids below 3 years old, don't get indoor bonus.

Yea, I'm getting a little tired putting doors back always. Then again, if popping a few doors off keeps some griefer happy, then it's a good trade off. It's about the most meanless and least damage thing they can do. When I built Punkytown I gave every building many doorways so it's harder to block egress, and of course lots of stone walls. I think it might be harder for them to deplaster walls in Punkytown because its not so spread out. It's easy to see what others are doing. I like the north wall being adobe because you get to hang shelves and that's useful. As for floors, stone floors can be put in anytime for whomever feels like doing it.

I kept the smithy outdoor not because I was worried about it being clocked off, but just it seems that area always needs lots of space. Any inside smithy is hard to make big enough. If you do make it very big, someone is bound to try to make it other things in thee too, and then it defeats the purpose. No, somebody made a second smithy down in Punkytown in the building right below where I set up the smith area. I guess its useful. I think of it as a tool shop, where as the outdoor one is the multi purpose main smithy.

The long hall with the blue wall I was thinking would be a dedicated hospital. It still could become that I suppose. Useful to have near sheep to make pads and threaded needles, yet away from the forge/kitchen/nursery so people aren't always in there looting the supplies. Honestly, I'd like it if Jason gave a little more time to heal, but only a person wearing an apron can pick up clean pads in bowls. IDK,

It would be nice if there were enough people to always have a full time nurse, and they could just keep hospital locked. When they get old, they can find someone to take over and pass the key on. Then people cant easily mess everything up and wreck the place, and a nurse can just lock in someone they heal if they are a suspected griefer. If course, this can easily already be done with property gates.

#12 Re: Main Forum » New curses, first problems » 2020-02-10 05:47:03

DestinyCall wrote:
Punkypal wrote:

IDK what to tell you kiddo, I literally just read that in the update notes.

Where did you find full update notes?   The news post doesn't mention this change at all.

My bad, it actually wasn't from update notes. But from a post that came at nearly the same time.

jasonrohrer wrote:

In almost all circumstances, you will also never be born to a mother that you see as cursed (unless there are literally no other mothers for you server-wide).

#13 Re: Main Forum » New curses, first problems » 2020-02-09 22:05:34

After the reset I managed to be the Eve for the short lived McKenzie clan. My second born came over at about age eight or so and told me I had a black bubble for her, and she had cursed me in some prior life. I said, "Wow! You must curse literally everybody, because the way it is now you can't be born to someone you've cursed unless there are literally NO mothers anywhere that you haven't cursed." She said, "No, that isn't how it works." IDK what to tell you kiddo, I literally just read that in the update notes.

#14 Re: Main Forum » Dev oversight: Unremovable fractional distiller & undyable clothes » 2020-02-09 21:20:50

While we are strolling down this road, I think it's silly there is no way to ever get rid of a wooden door, other than dumping it off in the wilderness somewhere. Also, the knife shouldn't so easily knock it off it's frame. Every time I play I have to put half the doors back on the kitchen because if you try to walk thru a door when holding a knife, the door falls off. Stupid!

#15 Re: Main Forum » Anti Armageddon Crew Needed! » 2020-02-09 10:06:52

Farkin wrote:

Seems a bit strange going to such an effort to stop a map reset lol. It was added to the game for a reason.

Well, if one can get a group all on board to cause the apocalypse then it's actually impossible to stop if those involved are even halfway competent. However, one or two lone individuals haphazardly going about it will consistently fail if there is a group acting to stop them.  It's actually how the game is supposed to function. Smaller and less organized groups, or individuals are supposed to fail. That isn't always how it works in OHOL, but it is something Jason seems to strive for.

Now of course, if the individual just keeps trying over and over, sometimes the many will just not be watching, or will grow weary, or whatnot, and the little guy will win due to indifference. Right now, far too many do not want a map reset. This world hasn't been going that long. Maybe better luck in a few weeks.

I'm not going to spell out how to successfully make an apocalypse. To those attempting, I hope y'all don't figure it out. I can let you know that there is a team being very watchful and communicating info, who play alot, working to keep if from happening right now. You, or whomever, is probably wasting their time. It isn't wasting my time at all. I personally love thwarting things such as this. It's the most fun I have in OHOL!

#16 Re: Main Forum » Anti Armageddon Crew Needed! » 2020-02-09 01:51:24

Gogo wrote:

There are activated nosajs near Zucc. I think straight north-east from igloo, not too far. Before the jungle there is tiny village.

Yes, I have seen them. But where are the endstones being taken? I have investigated a few far out locations that appear have been visited on Wondible's map. Nothing found.

#17 Re: Main Forum » Game error » 2020-02-09 00:24:26

Lovebud wrote:

So I've been having this error for a week where it keeps telling me connection failed when i try to log

Are you using Jason's version of the game or one of the modded versions?

#18 Re: Main Forum » Changes to the way personal curses function » 2020-02-08 06:02:54

MrGold wrote:

Well Jason I have support your decisions for a very long time and I have respected them but this one seems nice but why damn 30 days? Why not just a week. It's also unfair  to people who fight griefers and get cursed for dumb reasons. y*our going  to get cursed for killing a griefer now for now on I will know your a griefer* what the hell? Seems like a personal ban to someone but you are a open target as well as a baby what?! But pls Jason at least listen to a fan who's been playing your game for almost 3 years and i have enjoyed your content to the fullest with friends and family but this I don't like what's going to happen I have fear lots* of fear of this.

Thay already almost always curse you back for actually ending their fun at ruining others gameplay. Unless you are THE BEST griefer killer ever, like the Batman x100 of OHOL, then I wouldn't worry about their retribution curses. I play guard fairly often when I'm in town and I catch about two or three a month at the most, and that's with playing WAAAAAAY too many hours per day. In the last few weeks I only got one other curse. Some rando ran past me on a road, said "Your name is stupid", cursed me, and then kept running. The only reason they curse back is to get under your skin. They know it won't ever effect you, you should know that too. Don't let them mess with your head. If the only reason you pick up curses if from stopping ACTUAL GRIERERS (not just every person that ever so slightly annoys you), then I don't think there is anything to worry about.

As for 30 days, that's the way it's been for a long time. I don't know about 3 years ago though. IDK why you so afraid over that. It's been that way. Have you been afraid this whole time and didn't even know it?

#19 Re: Main Forum » Changes to the way personal curses function » 2020-02-08 05:51:28

Legs wrote:

The griefers are already vehemently praising this as a way to identify heroes. Have fun spewing a black F as a baby and being abandoned in the wild, or cursed then murdered. This update really, really only enables more grief, more murder and more chaos. It's a highly antisocial mechanic that sows discord more than anything.

Oh noes! Yea, we real worried. Because griefers always take so much time to care for babies I'm quite sure. Again, you show that you chat more than think. How is the griefer going to mark the "heros" and then abandon them when they birth them as babies. Go on, take a think on that one.

And I'm sorry to tell you but you're outnumbered vs. cooperative players. Idle threats of. "Oh, we minority will mark you!" are meaningless. What are you going to do to a marked player? The same shit you already were doing? Instead of murdering you, Imma gonna murder you! Uh oh, we wouldn't want that! You have no cards to play so STFU. The best you can now hope for is to mark players that watch you, so you can know to not grief around them. Good, do that. I hope one of them is always around.

If if y'all are "vehemently praising this", then griefers might just be as dumb as I think they are. Or maybe you're just unsure what vehemently means. Things that come with more downside that upside typically aren't praised "vehemently", so ya know.... I'm actually just going with no griefer is praising this in any kind of way, and you're just spewing BS hoping some cooperative player might be dumb enough to think this is bad. Yes, telling people smarter than you that 2+2=5. Gangbusters of a plan there. Really solid.

#20 Re: Main Forum » Road Helpers Wanted! » 2020-02-08 03:21:59

JackTreehorn wrote:

I appreciate your work Punky, I really liked that town. I didnt care much for Zucc.
I made four radios in Punkytown and wrote a book "The Wes Chronicles" for the Library.
Another player I met wrote the other two books "History of man and Genesis"

A few things I didn't like about the town were:
How unsecured it was, I really think we need to do what Jason suggests by having walls (perhaps just pine) and two to four gates that can be guarded.
Also people made that egg station and flooded the town with eggs. I spent an entire life picking up baskets of eggs and dumping them in the desert.

What I would like to see in the next town is a tiny room in a central position. In that room we can lock a radio receiver so it doesn't get tampered with and so everyone can hear it while they work.

Well I like the egg station. There are too many baskets in town. Someone could just basket them all up (I did quite a few today actually). I actually straightened up that area a little and brought the eggs back, I asked a few of my kids if they could get to work cooking them. Last I saw there were at least 20 omelettes. That cleaned out at least half of the eggs.

As for the radio in a central position. The kitchen/nursery is an L shape. Just above that L that has the nursery storage would be a good spot to lock in a receiver. There is still plenty of stone around. One horse cart load would make a stone wall addition for a radio shack. That's where I'd put it.

As for walls, they really don't matter. Only good really to prevent bears from getting in, but there really aren't any bears left in the area. Walls would be nifty if there actually could be guards always, but that won't happen. What they actually do is make it easy for a greifer to block people in, and make it hard for people to get out to get things outside the walls.

Now last reset there was the far east town that had the first bell and where the great road started. It had a wall but it was done well. The builder pushed it far back so the town had room to grow inside the wall area. The openings were wide and they set corner stones and let the go ancient to make it look good. The seemed to consider what was on other side of wall and left openings where players would need to get to. I'd be fine with such a wall.  But just trying to connect the existing buildings to make a little trap isn't acceptable.

#21 Re: Main Forum » Road Helpers Wanted! » 2020-02-08 00:18:37

Legs wrote:

Consider starting construction on secondary bell towers in punkytown. Zucc world currently has three and they ring constantly, four if you include the sister bell town to the northeast of zucc. They really drown out punkytown's rare bong.

The radios help to encourage recruitment between towns but those are easily sabotaged and difficult to repair. More importantly, even if someone wanted to come from zucc to punkytown they'd find it difficult without a marker.

This is perhaps the best suggestion you've ever made! In fact, the "art project" incorporates a second bell tower at Punkytown.

After I pretty much finished the core layout I stepped back because it's interesting to me to see what people would do. For instance, I like that someone turned one of the stone buildings I constructed into a garden and everyone just left it like that so far. Originally my thought was it would be the carpenter shop. Anyway, I was curious if someone would build another bell tower, but alas so far they did not.


In regards to what has happened in town there are a few things I don't like.

1) The six waystones (or so) someone put in the nursery with "instructions" for everyone to wear colors to match the job they are doing. I like the idea, but it seems impossible to actually pull off. That's a bunch of floor space wasted for a pie in the sky idea. I'd rather they had dropped that outside if they had to, or at least put floor down first under the waystones.
2) Attempts to make it a walled city. I've torn down all those walls. Pine walls I don't mind as much, or a stone wall further out with big openings for entry/exit. Anything else I see as an attempt to grief the town, so were removed.
3) The attempts to take over the long hall with the blue wall "Castle" by putting locks on all the doors. I've removed and destroyed at least a dozen locks until they finally gave up. Whomever was doing that, you didn't build that building. It isn't yours to claim privately. Trying to do so is stealing. Go make your own building if you want to lock it up. That's public property.
4) People who dug up wild gooseberry (free food) to put in some crap they didn't even finish. I took great care to build around existing free food. Your shitty, now collapsed, building could have gone a few spaces to the west or north, etc.
5) The griefer who build four little swastika at all corners of town and tried to take horses out into wilderness. I hope you had fun, they lasted less than 30 minutes. I did use that stone to make my "art project" so I do appreciate you helping haul all the flat stone. The time it took to tear up your graffiti was less than it would have taken me to get the stones myself. Also, every life as I'd run back into town from other places, those horses were a great help getting back. Thank you for your efforts.

Anyway, I could have removed those waystones with the silly instructions but I didn't want to take that much time, and I was kinda interested to see if anyone would do what they say. They stayed because I allowed it. Everything else, not so much. Basically if someone wants to mess with a town, they really should pick another spot of they don't want to waste their time. I'm ever present in Punkytown. Just a FYI. smile

#22 Re: Main Forum » Road Helpers Wanted! » 2020-02-07 22:48:32

UPDATE: Feb 7th

I made a path leading directly south from the first bell town in the north. Need someone to drop stones with horse and cart. This connects to the road heading out of Punkytown.

The road going West from Punkytown is unbroken and complete for about 800 tiles. It continues onward into Eve country as broken path. We could use someone to deliver stones out there also.

I took a little time to fight the apocalypse and vault up the endstones I captured. I also spent some time just doing minor fix ups and town maintence/clean up. ALSO, I made a large "art project" just south of Punkytown next to the highway. Everyone should go inspect it!

#23 Re: Main Forum » Anti Armageddon Crew Needed! » 2020-02-07 22:42:44

testo wrote:

Since when is trying to trigger the apoc the same as griefing?

In the venn diagram of OHOL gameplay, it's in a shared set.


Of course, to trigger at apocalypse it seems lots of tools, and clothing, and carts, and food and such all get stolen and taken to the far corners of the world where they are hard to return, effectively removed from the game. Players are murdered as babies to get the endstones.

Sure, a nice team of apocalypse bringers could stab and heal each other. Nobody actually has to die. They could all ride out to their spots naked, eating berries along the way, and return their horses before they die. They could have no impact or take nothing from other players right up until the reset is triggered.

But alas, that isn't how they operate. Stealing, murdering, and ultimately destroying everything everyone has built or is building? That's pretty greifey actually. The only way an apocalypse trigger happening not being griefing is when the world has been going for long enough, and something is messed up about that, and so a large segment of the players want it to happen. Like, for instance a couple resets ago when everyone was getting spread out 10k tiles because of the Eve spawn bug. I had a road built that was over 7k long but a fresh start seemed like a good idea. I don't think anyone really tried to stop the apocalypse that time. I'm not sure if anyone was especially bothered by it. But I'm sure whomever caused still got there via a road of greifer actions.

#24 Re: Main Forum » Anti Armageddon Crew Needed! » 2020-02-07 20:36:49

Yea, but I have found that the people who try to trigger the apocalypse don't actually think it out. They just go at it and hope others will be too busy in their own gameplay to stop it. That was likely a first attempt. A good chance they won't ever try again.

People who's only goal is to grief are just trying to have fun, but the problem is, they don't really like the game much, so that's a catch 22. To do griefing well, you actually have to be serious about playing OHOL, but if you were serious about OHOL you probably wouldn't grief because you'd like the game. There are exceptions to everything, but this seems like the norm. Most griefers don't do much long term damage, they just waste a few peoples time in the moment.

#25 Re: Main Forum » Cursing » 2020-02-07 03:48:12

Being cursed as a mother is a valuable gameplay experience. Especially in Bell towns where there's plenty to go around. It's a learning moment. You have to experience poverty to appreciate wealth.

Yeah, it sucks to have a smart kid that curses you even if they know you have other things to do. Sometimes the next Mother Theresa gets cursed by an infant Hitler. That's life.

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