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#1 Re: News » Update: Solo Challenge » 2020-09-25 21:32:41

THANK GOD THANK U JASON ANYONE COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS UPDATE IS WRONG THIS IS GOOD UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get that theres the whole being new thing but its impossible to teach all the new players from the sale 1 new kid per life is already hard enough its impossible if all kids 4 or more are new.

#2 Re: Main Forum » We need more specialized varients of primitive tech utilities » 2020-07-15 08:52:31

I still got you to play it and get me oil  *you also left all ur clothes on the ground* I HAD BOXES

#3 Re: Main Forum » We need more specialized varients of primitive tech utilities » 2020-07-14 21:10:04

like..... all  that u just mentioned to have is in thol lol, flint andsteel, watering can, theres now a fireplace XD

#4 Re: Main Forum » Real Talk About Gene Score » 2020-07-10 03:13:17

I refuse to eve, about an hour ago i got brown eve and i  do what i always do as an eve, i run into wolves but as i was bleeding i immediately birthed 3 kids in a row now! I get i ruined their scores  but i REFUSE to fucking eve cause i spend WEEKS farming gene score only to it be ruined by one life or by an eve run, eveing is NOT worth it, fams die to easily with all the water and food nerfs its NOT worth it to farm gene score for that long only for it to tank and have maybe 1-40 gens, last time i kept getting eve i finally decided to live and made a family but they died at gen 5!!!!!!!!!!!! and my score tanked to the 100s EVEING ISNT FUN OR WORTH IT TO ME! I like to be a leader in a semi made town and protect resources like rubber or an engine while hauling water or farming yum food while teaching any noob berry munchers i find in the fields. NOT ruining my score for a fam that dies in less than a day! AND IT PISSES ME OFF HOW I FIGHT FOR A SPOT ON THE LEADER BOARD! I fought trying to get to first place against the person with a gene score of 54 rn and i was at 53 points until that eve life now im tanked at 47 points which will take me days if not a week to climb back up to.

#5 Re: Main Forum » What a wonderful life- SHOUT OUT to Sam Slinky and Sami Slinky » 2020-03-14 01:59:33

testo wrote:

yee do they all do the stinky thingy?

The eve slinky gets joked on in discord about it cause their username is slinky and it rhymes.

#6 Re: Main Forum » Randomly going to Donkey Town » 2020-02-29 19:03:25

Legs wrote:
DestinyCall wrote:

Everyone who spawns in DonkeyTown assumes the system must be broken.

I came back to read your reply knowing that you'd say something stupid, and you did.

All according to plan.

You are both a very bored and very rude person.

Im just bored.

#7 Re: Main Forum » why am I getting spawned as cursed eve with micheal wood on discord » 2020-02-28 13:08:15

10-15 curses lands a person in donkey in and out, it could be that twinning fucks it up but it is not a handful of curses. Someone with 13 curses now gets in and out of donkey after being stuck in it with 17 before when i rechecked their hash on the curse logs. Either your twin or you severely pissed someone off or was SUPER unlucky and wracked up over 10 curses to start being landed in donkeytown.

#8 Re: Main Forum » We're all starving » 2020-02-27 02:26:10

jasonrohrer wrote:

fug, I can give you a very straight, clear, and concise definition of fun.

I can also very clearly articulate WHY those things that aren't fun for you aren't fun for you (especially given the way you articulated them).

I wrote a whole post about it a while back: … career_of/

I'll quote the most direct portion of it here:

Game-fun is precisely the process of learning and improving in a controlled, well-defined context. The more room there is for learning and improving, and the clearer the path forward for more learning and improvement, the more fun the game is. Some people call this the "flow" state, which is the fine line between boredom and frustration. The thing gets harder in a way that is precisely paced with your improvement. It's always slightly too hard, but only slightly. When you fail, it is 100% clear to you why you failed, and you know exactly what you need to do next time to do better. Each failure results in incremental skill acquisition.

The reason those situations aren't fun for you is that they are impossible for you, or at least seem impossible, and there's nothing you can do to improve in the face of those situations (or if there is something you can do to improve, it's not clear to you).  In other words, you are helpless.  There's nothing to learn.  Thus, those situations are not fun.

This is obviously not by design.  They are emergent, degenerate cases enabled by the mechanics that I designed, however.

Furthermore, there are (at least hypothetical) situations that emerge from those same mechanics that ARE fun.  For example, negotiating with someone across a language barrier can be fun.

Negotaiting acrosss a language barrier is not fun since unless you have the tool slot left to use a pencil you cant even tell them what you want, best you can do is spam click items and hope they arent so much of a noob that they can understand what u mean, also whats not fun is starving cause a berry is 1 pip MY GENE SCORE DOES NOT THANK YOU JASON

#9 Re: Main Forum » Seems like the latest murder update (no solo) is working » 2020-02-25 19:38:36

Honestly would be nice if your stuck inside a fence you can open the gate or if a fence is made it can be turned into a gate with a rope or something but it belongs to whoever made said fence in the first place but the same thing applies that if your inside you can open it

#10 Re: Main Forum » Seems like the latest murder update (no solo) is working » 2020-02-25 19:33:04

the whole i join you posse thing seems to work but there are times it works against you as well, there was a guy called jace tini in bell town today who locked a noob girl in a fence, and most of the other players around seemed sort of noobish to and didnt know how the posse system really worked and couldnt help much even though i kept telling them how to do it, eventually jace literally walked up to me and then around me taunting me saying he didnt care about my knife and that i couldnt stop him, i put a box on the girls fence to give her food and she ended up having a full family in there that lived off milk and pies. An elder eventually tried to do the elder removal notice but jace died and the gate dropped before the removal notice could do anything. Everyone cursed him but i almost died triyng to get people to join my posse cause they thought i was the griefer since i kept trying to keep my target locked on jace and people mistook me for being a troll since i couldnt explain myself due to language barrier : / Instead of posseing against jace a few years later 3 people tried to posse against me and wouldnt follow me to the fence to see people trapped inside. Its annoying trying to tell people PLS JOIN ME CAUSE A JERK TRAPPED A GIRL IN A FENCE when A. they dont speak your language and B. your just randomly growling and anyone who sorta spoke my language couldnt understand how to posse or would even try to understand. I couldnt drop my bow to try and write it out either cause then I would have lost my target locked on jace who was running around on a horse watching the mayhem.

#11 Re: Main Forum » Game Review & Change Request/Suggestion » 2020-02-23 01:34:32

Jayed wrote:
testo wrote:

The thing is, there is a big portion of the playerbase that had to deal with people "choosing to be an evil character" for long enough. For me, the current curse system is a blessing and I hope it stays like it is. For the first time in ohol history griefers don´t have 100% anonymity on their side and I love it.

Griefers didn't 'get away with things' because of anonymity. They got away with things because the game's mechanics are unapologetically grief prone. I played the game seriously, attempting to help my families for the last 2 days (despite being called a griefer continually by certain clowns in this community). If a mechanic is causing the game to be unplayable, it's not the players fault, it's the game mechanic. Punishing PAYING CUSTOMERS for using an in game mechanic AS THE GAME HAS IT ENABLED TO BE USED FOR is not griefing. It's playing a game. It's almost as if you've never played a PvP game in your life. "OMG THIS GUY TOOK ME TO WILDERNESS AND KILLED ME! GRIEFER!" No... that's not Griefing. That's being smart.

testo wrote:

Your first suggestion makes some sense from a person that has zero knowledge of how the game has developed for months. Maybe if you took a few weeks to read back these same forums you would understand how griefers had plagued this game. You could also understand how helpless the more pacific players have felt and how that has pushed many people away. Just to give you an idea, a few weeks before the new curse system I was playing as a mother trying to keep her family alive, being last fertile female. I had three girls and then twin males. The twins were griefers trying to exterminate my family, they killed two of my girls, I managed to dispatch both of them. In his last words, the second twin literally told eveyone how much fun this was for him and that he was coming back in five minutes to clean the rest after I was dead (My girl and her children were newish players). So yeah, toxicity goes where it is due most of the times.

Again, 'griefers' didn't plague the game. Gamers plagued the game. Gamers playing the game with in game mechanics that Jason failed to realize he had designed to be too 'realistic' to actually properly function within an online video game. The game has less than 100 people playing during it's peak hours now and i still see someone curse someone else almost every single life because they're 'griefing.' When in reality it's someone just being super petty.

testo wrote:

Your second idea I approve completely. Make a separate space for Donkeys ideally with NO IRON. That way they don´t get a free paradise to play.

Glad you like it, but want to throat punch you that you think that you're entitled to enjoy playing the game the way you want to, but pvp players aren't. Even though you approve of my idea, you're opinion perfectly embodies everything that's wrong with this community and the way Jason is taking it.

testo wrote:

Your third idea is almost universally bad, making new players Eve is recipe for disaster. If you want to play the early game from scratch the low population servers are more than you need, just go into settings and choose one from here … ion=report, if you die of old age you even get to respawn in the same place.

This is actually why I'm replying to you, because you're 100% wrong here. If you read 'My Experience' You'd know I actually played on the private servers for several lives. And no, it's not universally bad. It teaches you how to play the damn game and with the basics given to you during the tutorial of the game, any new player should be sufficiently able to at least feed themselves and begin experimenting with crafting and learning the tech tier.

My friend who I also bought the game for didn't want to play after his second life because he said he had no idea where to even begin, because spawning into a town already under way leaves you swimming with no clue what to do. In fact if you look at how new players comment about the game in discord you'll hear my words reverberated by them.

Playing multiple lives as an Eve is how I learned to play, and I died of old age on each. ALSO! YOU DO NOT RESPAWN IN THE SAME PLACE! If I had, I wouldn't have ever even came back to the multiplayer server. I would have just built myself a giant town, took screen shots, and said duces. I literally only went back to main servers because I couldn't progress beyond what I could push out in a single 60 minute experience.

testo wrote:

Family locking is also a bad idea unless you want to make permanent teams. Several times I´ve run into idiots telling me "this is my town, I was Eve..." or "Hey I build this farm two generations ago don´t do this so or so..." I get it, people like to feel attachment to where they play, but the idea of the game is exactly the opposite.

The game is exactly the opposite for who? You? Because the way it plays, I am forced to bounce between 4 towns, all the same towns, just seperated by an hour, or a series of /die to get myself back to the town I want to play in. Incidentally, this is something several players do, as is obvious from those who insta die when they spawn. So no, neither is the game designed to be the exact opposite, but many players 'idiots' as you refer to them, actually enjoy the idea of watching a single town evolve throughout the generations.

testo wrote:

I hope you understand your suggestions make a lot of sense to you as a new player, but not to everyone in these forums.

My suggestions make a lot of sense to me, as someone who understands the entirety of this game having already played it for 60+ hours, exhausted every corner of it's Wikipedia and done everything in game but cause the apocolypse with the blood stone. Hell I even built Oddity for lulz since I could actually achieve that solo.

  Before I begin, allow me to say I'm still a very new player. I've only been playing for about five days.

You legit just said you just started and you have 60+ hours?????????????????????  Also if u were doing low pop u would know the feature to be able to be reborn in the exact same spot every time you die. Also u keep REEEE in discord when you only joined like what 2-3 days ago and you say newbies complain about how hard it is to learn??? ive been in that discord for FAR longer and only thing ive seen is people ask to twin, pointers, or videos on the game.... not complain. You also legitly said you enjoyed to grief...... dude..... you mentioned how you were bored and just wanna troll in the discord chat but doing this on a game you *dont seem to like* is kinda sad. if u seriously want pvp go play fortnite and ask for a refund on this game.... with only 5 days playing you can probs get it back.

#12 Re: Main Forum » Bugs and Feedback with Donkeytown » 2020-02-23 01:19:27

Legs wrote:
AmberA wrote:

as a griefer killer I have been sent to Donkeytown because I get cursed a lot

By your own admission donkey town as a place for griefers is broken. If you play the game enough and you aren't a complete doormat you WILL end up in donkey town. Virtually nobody understands how or why curses work and they just abuse the mechanic. It leads to bad players cursing good ones more often than not. The curse system as a whole is clearly broken.

Dont do stupid shit or get fucked over badly in 4 towns and ur fine, if ur trolling or killing your gonna end up in donkey, if ur incredibly unlucky you will end up there to i suppose, you need like 15ish active curses to end up in donkey and thats in and out to. I looked at curse logs and it seems to be roughly around that number.

#14 Re: Main Forum » An interesting change. » 2020-02-15 03:48:34

Punkypal wrote:

Y'all keep talking about how all these teams of griefers are forming possies to kill everyone,. but Jason's data shows almost all murders are still solo acts. Your fears and complaints just don't match the facts, and yet you persist. Interesting.

Have you been in a town where a group is trying to wipe out everyone? Its easier to deal with one killer which is why people who are more experienced are pissed that groups are going around killing towns cause its much harder to fight that. Also there are more people ingame than amount of group griefers, I know of one for sure group *bobo* bleck, the guy has almost 200 hours ingame but hasnt learned to farm carrots yet, he doesnt know crafting besides making a bow thats it. They would talk in a discord and go to towns to murder everyone for funzy. 3-6 people per, and if your just spawning into the chaos wtf you supposed to do as a baby and ur moms being murdered? Once that literally happened to me and after i somehow mananged to survive and got old enough to hold a bow i shot the woman who killed my mom but she got healed by a friend and then her and 3 other friends posse killed me. One griefer or maybe 2 is manageable but over that is to hard to deal with. Which is why we complain!

#15 Re: Main Forum » Walk Away, Jog Away, Run Away ... Permanently » 2020-02-14 10:11:53

you legit consented to how the game is by buying it, its in trailer what happens also...........................................its moving pictures on a screen one was forced cause legit *its a game character not a real person also no actual action besides OH KID happens you hear a pop and either you pick bb up or not *which i do* cause i want bb. Also when you dont /die as a female its also consenting to you having kids cause A we all know its gonna happen, and B you could have chosen to /die till ur male.

#17 Re: Main Forum » An interesting change. » 2020-02-13 19:10:24

Gogo wrote:

Lol. I just wonder what solo-murderers would do now. Form groups on discord? Try to convince others to mass murder? Spread lies to manipulate others against someone? Grief in other ways? Wait until some griefer team shows up and join them?

probably join up with team griefers, theres a few in discords that work together to kill towns so.... honestly all of the above

#18 Re: Main Forum » This forum is full of more drama than a 13yo girl’s sleepover » 2020-02-13 18:43:40

FishRfriendsnotfood wrote:

I've actually never been banned from forums, I loathe this way of communicating.  But here we are.  I'm banned from discord, oh cry,cry,cry. But I shall say, life goes on.  Also I would hope that the person responsible for getting me banned in the first plac knows not to address me, for that's just being rude, and trying to provoke a similar ban situation on the forums. I will not be anybodies goat.

Pls stop griefing low pop rip my god damn town. ;-;

#19 Re: Main Forum » An interesting change. » 2020-02-13 17:36:06

Bremidon wrote:

Hey Jason, I see what you're trying to do, I think.  The general idea is that any decision that requires more people *should*, in theory, benefit the town.  Makes sense.

However, as others have pointed out, attackers have a major advantage here.  They can plan ahead of time, be ready and spring the attack suddenly. 

Griefers are already organizing outside of the game and using the 24 lives to basically twin without the drawbacks of twinning.  (btw, could we get that lowered to something closer to 4?  Maybe beginning players can start off with 16 lives or something, in order to make it over the learning curve, but it only regenerates to 4).

They are already toasting players before we have a chance to organize a reasonable defense.  Could we at least have something like a sheriff, who doesn't need other players to react?

erm but whose gonna be a sheriff lol, a griefer could take up the role if they wanted to, also plenty of people get ditched as babies and burn through a good chunk of their lives.

#20 Re: Main Forum » An interesting change. » 2020-02-13 17:06:41

Legit not gonna lie ive returned to bells to curse griefers after having been murdered by them while young. Also never play in weekends or after school hours cause thats when the griefers like to go after bell towns....... *cause school is out* 0-0

Cant grind gene score when ur being murdered as a baby! big_smile

#21 Re: Main Forum » Forum/Discord User Stats » 2020-02-13 13:39:14

Jamie wrote:
unoriginal artist wrote:

Damn I wonder what my stats would be, legit i wouldn't be very high in anything..... maybe a decent amout in per if it means perseverance.

Int: 2
Char: 2
Per: 5
Str: 0
Agl: 0

Meh I did beat the snot out of bobo's gang but its not like i needed high intelligence to do that.

#22 Re: Main Forum » Forum/Discord User Stats » 2020-02-13 13:35:42

i dont know jamie well enough to give them stats, someone who actually knows em do it, though they probs dont know me either

#23 Re: Main Forum » Forum/Discord User Stats » 2020-02-13 13:27:34

Damn I wonder what my stats would be, legit i wouldn't be very high in anything..... maybe a decent amout in per if it means perception.

#25 Re: Main Forum » The world's most persistent real life griefer, Carl Panzaram » 2020-02-12 14:08:11

Legit Jason made good changes to the system, we should thank him for that of course. But people are still griefing, one problem is lack of organization in towns, griefers ban up BEFOREHAND in a discord and most towns are full of people who are seperate and no one even really talking cept ingame chat, plus most griefers have a mod and are good at hiding what they do, cause griefing is about the ONLY thing they do. At least the really bad ones like bobo.

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