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#1 Re: Main Forum » The Paradox of Genescore » Today 01:17:13

Legs wrote:

Do nieces and nephews affect your gene score when you're female?

If not fleeing homeland as a woman is a clear exploit.

I thought you were a pro and hero of the town. The answer to your question is no.

#2 Re: Main Forum » Testo´s top 3 nerfs more interesting than iron nerf. » Yesterday 22:34:04

miskas wrote:
wondible wrote:
testo wrote:
Ousider curse nerf: No more curses outside your family

We had this once, back in the age of warswords. Jason didn't want you automatically cursing the other side of a war. Problem is griefers would just go grief a different family. Make any class of player uncursable, and griefers will arrange to be in that class.

It did lead to fenced towns and mistrust though. If you can't punish a griefer from another family, you have to be darn sure you don't let them in in the first place.

If they do this now they are dead, they have no hierarchy protection and the other family has.

Basically this is why it is possible now to remove the curse to outsiders and why fences would be more important. The old system failed because if a lone guy with a sword came in because the gate wasn´t closed it was game over, nowdays you can´t even approach a small family alone to kill anyone. Also follow command should totally be reserved for the same family members, it makes no sense to have an outside hierarchy if you are to care about your family.

#3 Re: Main Forum » The Paradox of Genescore » Yesterday 22:28:04

People get huge loads of babies when a player is trying to force a spawn on a family where they are blocked out because of the curse system. Since each player gets 24 free tries you can easily get a mother with 10 or 20 sids just because two people wanted to be ginger or to come back to help that starting village where they just died but someone else is now blocking them out. Everything else is sort of normal in my opinion.

The problem are SIDs and suicide babies on the same familiy over and over again and the humongous number of tokens everyone has to SID. Just add a small area block everytime a player SIDs around her mother for ten minutes and 40 tiles, since an SID bb doesn´t want to live there anyways. Also turn down max lives to 12 please. Alternatively just tell everyone after SID when they are blocked from a particular family.

#4 Re: Main Forum » Leadership » Yesterday 22:02:13

I hate being a leader, I started to use /die to purposedly tank my genescore and avoid leadership.

I like leaders that just let things go with their own flow and only give small orders in extreme cases.

#5 Main Forum » Testo´s top 3 nerfs more interesting than iron nerf. » Yesterday 21:05:29

Replies: 6

I don´t like the new iron mechanic. it is less interesting than the old one because of the fixed placement and the hungry work. Some small discussions:

The biggest problem is, however, not about it being boring but about how terribly convoluted and unintuitive it is. It takes a masters degree just to get it working right and a whole doctorate thesis to dominate. If you think you are a pro and understand it, let me tell you there are some questions about it that I still can´t figure out and others that would make Jason sweat.

Also, it is important to note that as a nerf or restriction it miserably failed. It made iron more boring to get and that´s why you see less of it, few people want to be the lone guy hitting the vein with a pickaxe and coming back for food. However, even though there is a lot less iron going around, there is no choice to make around it. Families get it when it is needed and that´s it. Searching around the map for iron veins and loose iron was a lot more fun to me. I rarely play as miner these days.

Ok enough bashing. Here are three nerfs that I think are way more interesting gameplay wise:

Horsecarts speed nerf: Make it 170% movement speed

Horsecarts are the best way to move around the map and carry items, there is no arguing here. However, horses with no cart have no place in the game because it makes zero sense to have a horse without a cart. I have several time put carts on horses just to prevent the cart from decaying. So in reality horses with carts should have a small penalty compared to riding horses.

Why is it interesting? Well now you have a decition to make about your horses. Do you need a horse to move around the map to scout or do you need one to move stuff around? Someone took your stuff and stole your items in a horse cart hey! now you can follow him around easily on a riding horse.
How to make it fancy? Make a special saddle for riding only horses, or make it 225% speed too for them to highlight their movement speed compared to horsecarts. Make the cart removable too for the full epic remake. 

Ousider curse nerf: No more curses outside your family

Curse system is at its best development imo. I know there are some people around always crying about it /*cough legs/*cough but I like it.
However it doesn´t make any sense to be able to curse people outside your family. If anything it justs makes the whole server a huge disfunctional and separated family. A ginger girl came to town and stole 2 rubber tires to make oil: curse! Some white lady took our most valuated item (sugarcane lol): curse! hell I was once stabbed and cursed twice for taking a boards from another town with some entitled people.

Why is it interesting? Well imo stealing is not necesarily equal to griefing. And being able to curse people outside your family forces everyone into the same bag as far as retaliation goes from your perspective. So I would expect a lot more closed villages and suspicious play overall to other families as well as more stealing going around. Somewhere around Jason used the arguing about trusting others because they can actually harm you and not because of forced trust.
How to make it fancy? I don´t know about this one.

Eternal clothing nerf: Loom clothing and hats should decay

Eternal things aren´t fun behind Jason´s logic, and I got pretty angry about my straw hat and reed skirt getting hard nerfs but not those terrible expensive outfits. You can see them in old towns, you can see them in Eve towns, you can see them gathering dust in abandoned places, you can see them gathering dust in new places. I hate them all. I´m sick to my stomach everytime I see loom clothing on a locked biomass. I would honestly rather know it will eventually rot and I won´t have to see it because a ginger left it in the snow next to my brown town.

Why is it interesting? Almost selfexplanatory, it is pretty nonsense when your Eve is fully loom clothed and you get suits going around town even before you get sheep. Total nonsense and a way to destroy the early town play.
How to make it fancy? Make loom clothing repairable. Just like the shrimp nets can be fixed over time the loom clothing could use balls of yarn and stages of decay to fix them before they get shreded. Bonus points if you add a new job for the tailor in town and make sewing and shears more useful toolslots.

Bonus track: Nerf Wheelbarrow to 2 items

Well this is not really a complete nerf but a tradeoff since wheelbarrows have not real place in the game, there is exaclty zero chance you are not going to make a full cart instead of a wheelbarrow. Make the wheelbarrow hold only 2 large items. But in return make it´s pickup age 3. Just like a toy wheelbarrow, but useful.

Why is it interesting? Because you can then carry more stuff as a kid and help earlier. Hunting rabbits gets easier, and your get the bonus of being able to upgrade later in life to a full cart.
How to make it fancy? Make the full wheels removable on and off from the sledge, so you can fix a wheelbarrow for your little kid and he can upgrade and use it later in life.

Huge thanks to me for being so awesome and writing this big wall of text.

#6 Re: Main Forum » For Jason. » Yesterday 13:40:07

Today I was born to a humble mom that just had the "luck" to become leader of Bytheway family. No water shortage at all but no kerosene either. Same with food, decent supply for short term but lacking farming and baking. My mom had me 40 tiles east because she was doing her best to figure out how to make a dry deep well give water, and she had already set up the tower and pump beamkit but did not realize she needed a Newcomen core and probably didn´t know what it was or how to craft it. So I went slowly step by step teaching her how to get one and mount it on the well. So far so good, mom was not even using a cart nor horsecart to move stuff around.

What followed was a sad display of fucked up attitude from 3 or 4 people from the town. Entitled pros that started harrasing mom telling her to start giving orders to everyone to make food. One of the girls asked to be followed to become leader. Luckily mom trusted me enough to follow my advice. Another dude stole the cart with the tires I was moving to the well saying "don´t steal our tires" (the tires had been there lying just wasting space). Man were this people fucked up in their mind. Seriously, not only did they start following someone else while calling my mom noob, but they also inmediatly started coming over to the new well we had made, throwing stuff on our face while I was trying to teach mom how the damn thing works. She barely understood why did we have klin there and run a few times back for charcoal. I did my best to let her learn at her own pace but the other guys were just jumping around in horses and boosting their apm by clicking like it was some prolevel electronic game. If we made a charcoal they brought 4 baskets full from the town. If we got a tank they shoved three more there. If mom had trouble figuring out the order of the crafting, no problem, some dude jumped out his horse and fired up the newcomen. 

So yeah after a few cycles mom got kinda bored and just said goodbye and suicided. I went back to the town with the last 3 tanks of water we got (we made like 6/7 total). All cisterns full and water tanks to spare and still nobody baking nor farming. Because you know, our "pros" always know what the other people should be doing and how they should be doing it.

I swear the starting line I read the most in this game is "Stop", followed by "Don´t do x" and "No". And the closing line I see the most is "stfu noob".

#7 Re: Main Forum » For Jason. » Yesterday 13:28:07

I completely agree that the playerbase has gone bananas lately. Entitled people telling everyone what to do, what not to do and calling others names.

There is a high influx of "pros" and "know it all" that just have the game too much figured out, so when the new people try to learn they can´t experiment or try by themselves. No time for screwups baby, gotta study before logging in or you are going to get roasted 9/10 times in the game. By your own family.

#8 Re: Main Forum » Playtime is not linearly correlated with curses received » 2020-05-26 23:08:59

I don`t believe someone just logged in 10 hr everyd ay. It doesn`t make any sense, game is not that deep or complex.
Maybe 5 hrs day tops, but even then thats a lot. The three top played accounts seem like bots. I`ll be happy to be proved wrong, but until then nay.

#9 Re: Main Forum » Fixing the unlimited iron through family mines » 2020-05-26 22:59:10

I strongly disagree with this:

"The family iron system did the opposite then intended. Instead of making iron more rare it made it more abundant, since each eve family can spawn new iron, while before even with an unlimited map there is a limited lifespan to travel to bring iron to a town."

As someone that regularly has to take the smith function when nobody else wants I can say that iron is not more abundant. The main reason you see no iron shortage is because "someone" is taking all his gameplay time to loot dead cities and move old iron to the new settlements. There is little iron left at dead cities. While some veins still have iron left there is no way you can tell iron is more abundant. Consider that every dead town that reached newcomen tech left behind a 200x200 square with no more iron that its own veins if any, because there is no untap from newcomen/diesel tech.

#10 Re: Main Forum » Whats Separates a Good Village from a Great one? » 2020-05-26 00:44:26

DestinyCall wrote:
testo wrote:

Property fences.

More or less?

Take a guess smile

#12 Re: News » Update: Zero Known Bugs » 2020-05-24 18:20:49

Wait zero bugs means the bowl thing is a feature?

#13 Re: Main Forum » Leader just killed most gingers » 2020-05-24 11:52:31

cordy wrote:
testo wrote:

Surpringsingly, Bobos bitch is a regular with high genescore:

That's coz with expert way stones, Bobo's crew does not have to SID to be the same race as Bobo.

Also, they are killing people who are not of their race/fam so the town killing doesn't affect their meme score.

Just keep as policy not to give leadership nor follow anyone but the people designed by leaderboard. Even if the leader is not around for whatever reason. You just can´t kill your whole family and keep a high genescore at the same time.

#14 Re: Main Forum » Leader just killed most gingers » 2020-05-24 10:26:48

Just don´t follow people randomly ever, for any reason. Let the leaderboard work, he should have never been leader, at least on that account.
I can confirm this is one of Bobin´s: … l&id=33411

Surpringsingly, Bobos bitch is a regular with high genescore: … l&id=34982

#15 Re: Main Forum » Game is at its best state right now but.. » 2020-05-23 19:26:00

Months ago I decided I wasn´t going to care anymore. I just play hetuw and I wouldn´t play otherwise.

#16 Re: Main Forum » We need to tell the inept players about the new Berry meta » 2020-05-23 19:21:23

There should be an open agreement that 1 berry bush per active player in a town is more than enough. And I mean 1bush per player is actually wasteful, the actual number should be about 0.75 or something like that. In practice that means 18 bushes per city is more than enough, and 12 should be ok for almost all cities in bs2. Considering 4 mutton pies and maybe 15 rabbits for a full rabbit suit and bp thats 6 bowls per player. And that is pushing it way high because even rabbit clothing lasts for 5 hours and backpacks don´t decay. Add one more for a full soil pile per player. That´s 7 sheep food per player per life.

#17 Re: Main Forum » Yikes. » 2020-05-23 17:36:29

For me the worst part is the community tbh. Mechanics are complicated and convoluted and I don´t see a decent way to learn from scratch even in low pop servers.

That means everytime a new player gets cursed for burning a few rabbits we lose a potential interested member (I saw it today). Not even griefers hurt as much as people that bitch for chopping branches, eating too much or scare away other for not knowing how to use a klin or forge.

Unfortunately our "pros" are most of the time worried about some petty shovel use, someone trying to make a "house" with property fences or a few resources. Shoutout to the asshat that the other day harrased me, stole my horse, cursed me and exiled me for taking two rubber tires while I was runninng trying to get oil and more rubber for the newcomen. When I came back with oil and 6 rubber tires her first line was: she must have stolen it from the gingers. Thats how we roll in this game, because you know, our "pros" are entitled to the ass and always start with "no", "dont", "stop" or "what are you doing with x, explain to me"

#18 Re: Main Forum » Teach new players » 2020-05-23 14:11:09

schmloo wrote:
testo wrote:


Yep, apparently I’m the toxic one here. I insist that something didn’t happen when it did, force the other person to accept that my point of view is the only correct one, and cling on to something that happened what, a few months back? I think this is over. If I see your name on low pop, I’ll just restart my town on another server, even though I shouldn’t have to, because you will stick roads and waystones around it. Least you could have done was ask first. Goodbye.

Always the same song with you, you still force yourself to say that I put some waystones when I didn´t. You can´t even get out of your bubble of using the same argument over and over because somehow your castle of invunerability goes down. I DIDNT PUT WAYSTONES. Can I say it louder? maybe if you learn to read?

Show me one proof, one screenshot, one server log anything showing me putting waystones to your place (hint for 200 times: I did not put waystones). Most likely you don´t even know where my place was anyways.

You are toxic when you gang on people with your friends.
You are toxic when you leave anonymous messages like "Dont build stupid roads everywhere"
You are toxic when you accuse someone of doing something without even asking if that person did it or not.
You are toxic when take mob approach of believing a server is practically yours so nobody can make a place that doesn´t fit your beauty standards.
Playing as a mob and forcing other players out not toxic enough?
Not receiving other players just because you like to hoard the whole server for you and your friends not toxic enough?
Talking shit of other players on discord (im not talking about you btw) and never giving face up for no reason not toxic enough?
Sending your friends to argue about everything like a coward and playng the victim role when called out not toxic enough?

I can agree im not really friendly when I say all this. But I always go face up and I don´t mob on people. Have you seen anyone else trying to defend me?

#19 Re: Main Forum » Teach new players » 2020-05-23 08:55:02

Well I contacted you somehow no? And for the one hundredth time I never, ever put a waystone other than my own place. And I did not put a town closer than 1000k to anyone. I didn´t broadcast shit, I didn´t curse anyone to my recall and if I did was because the same obnoxious person kept joinning without saying  a word more than 5 times straight. But you all just insist on putting your hands on your ears like 5 year olds screaming "waystone", "waystone" while the person in front of you is telling you that he did not put a waystone. It would be hard for you to talk to me if i kept telling you that you stole my car.

Í have a policy in low pop of being as polite as possible and caring any baby i can as long as I am close to my place even if theres risk of a griefer. I don´t care, I recieved many new players there. Your people is just a lot of dirtbags full of shit and the reason this community is toxic.

#20 Re: Main Forum » Teach new players » 2020-05-22 21:03:55

And for the record, I didn´t have a disagreement with anyone. For that someone would have had to reach to me to begin with. All I got were anonymous aggresive messages. When I contacted you all I got from you was -we don´t like you to build roads-. That alone is pretty entitled tbh.

#21 Re: Main Forum » Teach new players » 2020-05-22 21:01:17

schmloo wrote:
testo wrote:

If I build a road and another player doesn´t like so he destroys everything I´ve worked on by calling an apocalipse...

Am I a griefer for making a road that some other person just happened to dislike or is he a griefer for destroying what I worked on? Does the other person care at all to help me or himself if he calls an apoc?

Neither one is, both had a disagreement on whether connecting two or more unprotected towns with waystones and roads on a server in a game where griefing is a pretty common thing was a good idea. Did these people ask you nicely to stop spamming roads around their town? Did you ignore them and do it anyway despite this?

That person I suppose should also learn to build decent looking towns before spamming them about 200 metres from the other person’s though.

Not at all, they left me very unplesant anonymous messages and it was even to me to contact them. Are you telling me that you will stop making roads everytime I ask you to? Are you telling me you are entitled enough to give yourself the right to decide what a decent looking town is? That is amazing.

#22 Re: Main Forum » Teach new players » 2020-05-22 18:53:57

schmloo wrote:
testo wrote:

I just want to hunt rabbits and use them as I want, he claims the rabbits are for everyone to use. Whos the griefer?

Neither, because you’ve both misinterpreted the meaning of the word. Both of you have good intentions but have different opinions on how to help the town, and disagree with each others’ methods. Mr. kill-all-the-sheep, knock-down-the-forge or smack-the-engine doesn’t care about helping the town though, they just do it to cause grief onto others, or because they find it funny despite how it makes others feel. It’s draining picking up after them all of the time, not fun. I’d ask why would anyone keep picking up after other people’s bad behaviour, but that sways off into the topic of questioning your own existence in-game, and that seems like a bit of a depressing topic. What is life? Why are our arms sticks? Are ohol characters actually just property fence twigs with a bit of meat? Questions best left unanswered.

Also I’m pretty sure fence gates don’t decay now and are always passed down, or at least it seems that way, since I’ve always seen a useless one or two dotted around a village. Not quite sure how that works now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I personally would avoid using them besides for their forced usage for wells, in all honesty.

If I build a road and another player doesn´t like so he destroys everything I´ve worked on by calling an apocalipse...

Am I a griefer for making a road that some other person just happened to dislike or is he a griefer for destroying what I worked on? Does the other person care at all to help me or himself if he calls an apoc?

#23 Re: Main Forum » Can we finally have finite wild berries, pls? » 2020-05-21 18:36:08

Spoonwood wrote:
testo wrote:

So are you saying that because people didn´t choose to selfrestric themselves in the game it is more interesting to have infinite resources? I think that is way too narrow of a view for the whole playerbase spectrum.

Yes, I assume in general that players are competent and able to follow their own interest.  Hence people saying that they wanted more challenge a few months didn't make a lick of sense.  They weren't settling in a desert or tundra and going buck naked were they?

testo wrote:

If infinite resources and non restricted play was something that interested the playerbase in general, there would be several small population communities in the low pop servers, but at most you can count 2/3 people going to each one from time to time.

Players would have to know about those in general and not feel lonely there also.  They also wouldn't need to care much about having children or a lineage.

The question still stands, if players are competent and follow their own interest (in this case infinite resources to play) why haven´t they moved to a server that allows that? Why isn´t 2hol bigger and why is every new server with less constraints shortlived?

#24 Re: Main Forum » Can we finally have finite wild berries, pls? » 2020-05-21 18:14:59

Dodge wrote:

No idea i dont play the game anymore, not interesting atm, lots of weird mechanics etc...

Thats interesting. Would you agree that the latest big changes like food nerf, biomass lock and iron nerf were good changes?

#25 Re: Main Forum » Teach new players » 2020-05-21 18:07:12

He said it himself, he doesn´t want to stop griefing. He wants the degree of freedom of harming others at your own will. Why do you think piglets, bears and pitbulls are in the game?

The game feeds on the drama inducing nature of the interaction: I build a fence next to the farm because I want to store something for myself, someone else comes and destroys it, calls me a griefer and a hoarder. Starts chasing me all around the map, I just want to hunt rabbits and use them as I want, he claims the rabbits are for everyone to use. Whos the griefer?

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