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#1 Re: Main Forum » Stop whinging please » 2021-02-21 23:08:36

prier wrote:

the updates are wildy innovative

I stay with this phrase... jajajajajajaj

#2 Re: Main Forum » Men and Boys Routinely Are Under Recognized for Sporting Ability » 2021-02-09 17:51:22

I understand where spoonwood wants to go,
I've been archery and competing for 25 years.
The official regional and national competitions are held under exactly the same conditions, with the same distances and difficulty, for men and women ... but ... the categories, classifications and prizes are separated between men, women ...

Although I understand that it is not a problem of being a man or a woman, I believe that it is a system of creating different groups to be able to classify the competition more easily

Obtaining more groups to be able to classify their participants allows more chances of being winners, this allows more competitiveness

#3 Re: Main Forum » Currency & Roleplay Shops » 2021-02-08 12:46:22

Trade cannot work in a world where everything is thrown on the ground within everyone's reach.
Remember that we are surrounded by "ghost" cities full of resources of all kinds and objects of all races in the game

There is also no solid reason to trade in the game.
Also trading with your same family is contrary to the game itself

If your goal is to keep the family alive as long as possible, you will work for the common good of the family ...
Will you sell a cake to your mother, your brothers or your uncle if they are starving?

Trading attempts are just role-playing games by some players

I advise you to try to create and sell wine with other families, here you will see the great obstacles that OHOL has with trade

You speak of creating signs, shops, paper, letters, storage of coins, etc ... to be able to carry out trade
When you have everything ready, your city will be dead or a weekly update will have deleted all your work

I tell him that to do all this, you need to have many experienced players who when they finish their tasks, perform the role-playing game of salesman, for several lives

of course you should try to convince your children or relatives to continue selling after your death and to continue the family business

and you should also consider that you must spend 50 minutes inside a store waiting for someone to come to buy an item that you do not need (because everything is lying on the floor)

I wish you luck!

#4 Re: Main Forum » So /Die Just Seems To Get Worse and Worse » 2021-02-03 16:19:12

Bellium wrote:

I don't even want a menu to decide where I get born at the beginning of the game, I just don't want any more SID babies, I like actually being a mother in this game, and the problem with just removing SID is it just promotes runner babies

I think Dodge was trying to explain just that ... the problem is deeper than suicidal babies or running babies ... or the choice of the character before being born ... the problem is why the players decide to commit suicide? ...

the game has nothing to keep a player from staying in that new life or family, because in that life where he was born he will do exactly the same as he did in the previous life and in the next life

the only thing that holds a player back are personal projects (for example: making wine, or making an engine, or making a truck)

If a player gets bored, it doesn't matter how old the character is, or the system they use to commit suicide ... will commit suicide and close the game anyway

#5 Re: Main Forum » So /Die Just Seems To Get Worse and Worse » 2021-02-03 15:55:03

even if you agree ... you will not solve the game

PD. I also think that the choice at the beginning of the game will make OHOL more boring and bland

the OHOL problem is not solved with a screen where you can choose the birth

This is just another sloppy solution (same as / die, or gang mechanics, or race blocking)

#6 Re: Main Forum » So /Die Just Seems To Get Worse and Worse » 2021-02-02 17:29:15

new challenges .... new goals!

The 50 remaining players in OHOL use / die to go back to their personal projects (wine, delivery truck, etc ...) because there are no challenges! there is nothing new, the cycle is always the same, there is nothing to change the boring cycle of the game

all the / die mechanics, genetic scoring, race blocking, etc ... are temporary patches that haven't evolved to generate a better game ... they're only there to fix problems temporarily and in a sloppy way

you cannot implement a temporary and sloppy patch to solve a specific problem and leave it there for months and months although the game has changed and the problem has also changed

do you want to implement / die? Well imagine that in the next life your character will be disabled and will not be able to eat alone, he will always need another character (for example)

do you want to create a hierarchy system? do not implement hierarchies attached another completely broken system (genetic punctuation) implement kings, thrones, royal blood, genetics, you can even join it to a system of professions and personal abilities

Do you want to implement a new map so that families are not so close? move them far away and implement the dynamic maps that are discovered when traveling (as in age of empires) and allow families to move and be born wherever they want !, implement group transport, baby carriers etc ...

do you want cities to not evolve so fast? implements natural disasters! Imagine that you intend to commit suicide because you don't like that family ... but a great fire kills half the population and your birth can save their lives! or implement diseases !, or pests that kill crops! ... in this way it makes sense to have an automatic irrigation machine or pesticides, or compost (that generates more food)

now automatic irrigation is only installed when the city is fully evolved and it is done out of boredom, not out of necessity

For the game to work you have to constantly challenge and target your players ... during the 60 minutes of the game!

You have to make the players feel useful

If the game is boring, players will use / die (or they will go to another game)
I keep asking ... where is this game headed?

#7 Re: Main Forum » Is the game abandoned? » 2021-01-21 09:24:02

To be more precise:
The last update with new content (racing cars .... "a very useful update") was on 2020-09-19
The rest of the updates were varied changes and fixes, but without adding anything new to the game

the game has been frozen for many months ... without new mechanics, or new challenges
the retention of new players in OHOL it's a joke

This forum is a reflection of the state of health of the game and we have had a post where we have talked about incest for 2 weeks ...

I love your optimism Cogito


#8 Re: Main Forum » Mating Mechanics Would Mean Less Incest Not More » 2021-01-20 10:52:04

Dodge's phrase describes it perfectly

Dodge wrote in another post ...
You know the game is boring when the top post is this... … =10148&p=3

fully applicable here too

#9 Re: Main Forum » 150 player madness fun » 2020-12-30 09:39:02

OHOL ... the game that when it has more than 100 players becomes a festival of hungry corpses
Why didn't we create a bunch of new magic restrictions to further limit players ??? maybe that's the solution?

a well balanced game!

#10 Re: Main Forum » Investing so much time and effort in something that everybody hates. » 2020-12-18 14:59:00

Dodge wrote:

If the game is not good players leave, it's as simple as that.

the game is not good because it is racist (and boring)

#11 Re: Main Forum » Investing so much time and effort in something that everybody hates. » 2020-12-18 13:35:10

Dodge wrote:
JonySky wrote:

randomly showing player numbers

Is that supposed to prove something?

included in the original post:

Maybe what you think of as: "fucking dumb" for other players is not ...

It shows me once again that it is a little elaborate development and with sloppy solutions that generate a certain racist feeling

with this I am not saying that it is the main problem of OHOL ... but it is part of the problem ... of course!

I add: nobody likes to play a game with racist views or based on racial limitations (nonsensical magical racial limitations, to try to force a non-existent commerce in a game where everything is thrown on the ground, on an unlimited map)

#12 Re: Main Forum » Investing so much time and effort in something that everybody hates. » 2020-12-18 13:32:47

ahead wrote:

it's good now, or at least better than it was

that it is better than a few months ago does not mean that it is good

steam discounted sales caused those 2 player max spikes ... not caused by the game itself ... that's not good

also ... have you noticed how long the balloon has deflated?

#13 Re: Main Forum » Investing so much time and effort in something that everybody hates. » 2020-12-18 13:15:45

Dodge wrote:
Spoonwood wrote:

  Skin color, I think, didn't change from predecessor species of homo species.

You have no idea what you are talking about, again...

a quick google search "where does black skin come from" results in:

"Due to natural selection, people who lived in areas of intense sunlight developed dark skin colouration to protect against ultraviolet (UV) light, mainly to protect their body from folate depletion. Evolutionary pigmentation of the skin was caused by ultraviolet radiation of the sun."

Go get your white face in the sahara desert sun and then complain that black people are being racist because they dont get as sunburnt as you lmao.

They have an evolutionnary advantage in that environment = RaCiSm

So fucking dumb

have you noticed this?


Maybe what you think of as: "fucking dumb" for the rest of the players is not ...

It shows me once again that it is a little elaborate development and with sloppy solutions that generate a certain racist feeling

with this I am not saying that it is the main problem of OHOL ... but it is part of the problem ... sure!

#14 Re: Main Forum » Investing so much time and effort in something that everybody hates. » 2020-12-18 07:54:40

The game has taken the path of "easy development" or "minimal effort" with pointless magic solutions.

The constraints of the biome is an example of this

It does not matter if the restrictions of the biome are removed ... because we also have the magic mechanics of the homeland (which is also based on blocking the players to be able to play freely) or the biome bands that eliminate the randomness of the map and the exploration

New mechanics are not being built to enrich the game, only mechanics and player movements are being blocked to force play in a certain way

New mechanics are not even being generated to enrich the current playstyle!

Agree! I will play my lives blocked in my city and in my family .... but give me new challenges Jason !!
Stops forcing me to play a game where the only challenge is not to run out of water on an infinite map so as not to starve!

honestly I feel a bit cheated because this is not the game shown in the trailer, I thought that OHOL would be something else (I was wrong)

I understand that the game engine cannot do much more, and a good change requires a complete overhaul of the game engine (improbable) ... but I am saddened that this potential of the game is lost

I am also saddened by the good ideas that are generated in this forum and that end up in oblivion (good ideas thrown away) ... I think these ideas can change the game and generate new challenges ... just what the game needs !

In summary: Even if the restrictions of the biome are removed right now ... everything will remain the same ... magic solutions, absurd nonsense objects, development without objectives ...

That is why I have been saying for some time that we need a future development plan ... to know where OHOL is going
Only by knowing where OHOL is heading can we give new successful ideas or we can even decide if we should definitely get off this train

#15 Re: Main Forum » Where is this game heading? » 2020-12-12 14:30:24

Don Holm wrote:

This is a list of "why"s that never had any answers, as it's getting hopeless for this game at this point to get any better
Why water so limited with one well for the whole town
Why food runs out SO FAST
Why is everyone forced to share EVERYTHING
Why building walls takes extreme effort and never efficient
Why only ONE BUILDING should have ONE FIRE and everyone has to share it
Why can't we have our own houses, with closets for our clothes and stoves for cooking and fridges for storage
Why can't we run our own business, our own farm, our own store
Why can't tech tree advance beyond vehicles and engines
Why property fences ownership can be shared but not doors
Why can't gate ownerships pass down to your kids
Why there is no updates to add new items, plants, animals, a few each update never hurts

This game has so much potential but it's been a long time since we've had any insight about its future, the updates don't show anything promising as if we've reached a dead end.
Maybe it's time for Jason to talk about where the game heading, what is planned for the future, and if anything is gonna change.

Because there was never a clear objective in the development of this game, there was never a planning, there was never a goal to which to take this game.

OHOL is just an improvised experiment, which is modified every week to try to balance (without success)

This lack of planning has generated an imbalance in many areas of the game (boredom, griefers, repetitive tasks, resources, map, absurd articles, temporal inconsistencies, lack of automation, lack of coherence in the implementation of new objects ... etc. .)

This is why magic solutions were overused ...., to try to balance a game without planning

I would be surprised if OHOL advanced much more than we have right now ... that is why I have given up giving new ideas, looking for solutions to problems or even playing this game ...

#16 Re: Main Forum » Maps are dead content » 2020-12-05 11:27:49

Dodge wrote:

You completely missed the point, they magically appear and give you directions which burries maps even deeper in the dead content grave, right next to planes and dogs havent seen those in a while.

and the trains, radios, cameras, war swords, Feast Table, wool clothes ...

#17 Re: Main Forum » Why Everything Runs Out is Boring » 2020-12-03 18:00:22

Spoonwood wrote:

Because the game's development philosophy is 'everything runs out', it's known ahead of time by any intelligent person that everything will run out in game.  Your family that you play in is doomed to die out one way or another.  Your village that you live in is doomed to collapse.  There is no suspense here.  There is no need to play to see the eventual result of things.  There is no ability to overcome the foregone conclusion.  There is no fairness to players who try to keep things going, since they *cannot* keep things going solely by their own accord (an update *will* kill off your in game family if nothing else did so; your character will die).

Last I checked people mostly like it when they didn't know the end of movies ahead of time.  They mostly like it when they didn't know the ending of a murder mystery ahead of time.  And even stories involving good vs. evil often end up more interesting when it becomes believable to the viewers that the evil forces will win.  People often are against "spoilers".

Everything runs out implies a fixed and predictable conclusion.  One of personal death.  One of family death.  One of town death.  It is all so utterly certain ahead of time.  One would have to be a fool after having read the 'Everything runs out' post to not realize the end result.  The "Everything runs out" philosophy implies the equivalent of spoilers for the end results of the game.

In the real world, the future is open and uncertain.  That uncertainty and many other uncertainties makes the real world more interesting.

I agree with you spoonwood, but unfortunately it is not the only reason why the game has become boring

The complicated, illogical and clumsy mechanics, the lack of challenges, the large amount of unnecessary "magic" and the implementation of new nonsense objects have made OHOL a very boring game.

#18 Re: Main Forum » Coming soon: get reborn to your descendants after living to old age » 2020-12-02 12:56:43

El juego necesita nuevos desafios!!, climatologia extrema, desastres naturales, plagas, nuevos recursos imprescindibles, tareas colaborativas...
Jason: Players are trapped in the family until they commit suicide

Just what the game needs ...

#19 Re: Main Forum » Maps are dead content » 2020-12-02 12:40:11

Dodge wrote:

No reason to make a map to a village just need to find the magical stone.

No reason to make a map to a biome just need to find the magical band.

Cant make more than one village per family because you are magically tied to a place.

Dont get me wrong some "magic" is nice like the apocalype for example that's a pretty fun concept, oh wait when was the last apocalypse?

Right there's no reason to make one because villages die in a day or two anyway.

Too much magic has destroyed this game ...
If you analyze the problem you will see that this magic is a patch to hide the deficiencies of the game engine

#20 Re: Main Forum » The case for legacy mechanics » 2020-10-21 08:45:26

NoTruePunk wrote:
JonySky wrote:
NoTruePunk wrote:

The map is infinite, so kero is infinite. It's just a logistical hurdle harvesting and hauling it.

it is simple to understand!
You live 60 minutes ... if the resources are more than 30 minutes away, you will never be able to return with these resources to your city

Although the map is infinite ... your time is not


Good luck with that!

#21 Re: Main Forum » Rat race » 2020-10-21 08:44:23

NoTruePunk wrote:
Spoonwood wrote:
DestinyCall wrote:

Race restrictions should be removed.

Remove those and spreading out isn't an issue.  Also, spreading out can resolve the longstanding lack of rebuilding from scratch issue.

I don't see anything about "trade" on Steam, nor race restrictions.

I DO see something about rebuilding from scratch:

"Leave a legacy for the next generation as you help to rebuild civilization from scratch. " … _One_Life/

Additionally, and more importantly, a server filled with 90%+ new players like what happened during the sale is more likely to be able to handle a world without race restrictions than one with them.

Spoon, you keep saying it's an issue we're not rebuilding from scratch, but I really don't think that's a problem. Not every player is going to be the eve that spawns in right after a map wipe. Some of us are actually going to play in that society that she gives birth to. Currently the game has a whole lot more of the first thing happening and a whole lot less of the second.

The game is 95% create a new city for our family
if the city is already created when we respawn as EVE ...
what do we do in the game?

#22 Re: Main Forum » The case for legacy mechanics » 2020-10-20 16:08:13

NoTruePunk wrote:
Spoonwood wrote:
NoTruePunk wrote:

  The jump from a newcomen well to a diesel well unlocks infinite water ...

No.  Tarry spots break, and oil wells deplete.  The *local* supply of water may become more abundant than what anyone cares about at present.  But, it is not infinite.  Not on bigserver2.

When you first played, tarry spots didn't break though, if they existed at that time.  I mean, they didn't break in January of 2019 or December of 2019 (they didn't exist before then though... or at least oil rigs didn't).

You can check onetech on tarry spots and oil wells having a finite number of uses.

The map is infinite, so kero is infinite. It's just a logistical hurdle harvesting and hauling it.

it is simple to understand!
You live 60 minutes ... if the resources are more than 30 minutes away, you will never be able to return with these resources to your city

Although the map is infinite ... your time is not

#23 Re: Main Forum » The case for legacy mechanics » 2020-10-20 15:53:19

Eve Troll wrote:

Towns quickly outgrow their resources so saying they are infinite is naive. The most important resource is time. So the larger a town grows and the more resources it depletes the more time it takes to get the resources it needs. Eventually it will take a lifetime to get some stone, or round rocks, anything basic.

Towns are built to die. No matter how hard we work. How spawns and race restrictions are structured leaves the longevity of families in the hands of jason, not us. Those 600 plus gen fams.. where they because of our hard work or because jason decided spawns should be structured 'this' or 'that' way.  If you have played long enough you should know the answer.

There are dozens of mechanisms limiting growth, limiting stability, and limiting diversity. Why? Either because jason has some fucked up ideals about how society should exist and has a hubris beyond satan's to think he can control the chaos that is humanity. Or maybe he just can't afford servers that can support serious growth.. so he limits our ability to enable that growth. With tool slots, race restrictions, a rift, iron changes, homeland changes, and now this...

Wake up people. If you have been around long enough you know whats *actually* happening with the new change. Further down the path of monotony and predictability. Jason's only response to his inability to manage and balance a living player base.

+1, Bravo!

#24 Re: Main Forum » Coming soon: Specialty Biome and Homland geographic banding » 2020-10-20 15:33:30

Dodge wrote:
JonySky wrote:

We are an average of 50 players and we have 16 servers
If we place 1 eve on each server, there will be 3 players left in each family or server ...
I don't want to imagine how "fun" this situation can be

Never said we should spread the playerbase, obviously the player distribution per server should stay the same.

sorry Dodge, it was just a thought...
Yes, I understood that your idea was not exactly this

#25 Re: Main Forum » Coming soon: Specialty Biome and Homland geographic banding » 2020-10-20 15:20:50

Spoonwood wrote:
Dodge wrote:

I never said there should be a steady state, at some point it should evolve from each village doing their own thing to something more global where every civilisation that has been made lives in the world and interact with each other to progress, what even is your logic here?

Constant evolution is also a form of steady state, or appears as such on the move.  Again, the design of the game is such that families are deliberately doomed to end.  Evolution of the family doesn't really change that.  Also, it's ALWAYS "you died" at the end of an hour most, and a shorter time period otherwise.  There is no survival in the end.

Dodge wrote:
Spoonwood wrote:

how would some finite map (or even the current system when I think about it), filled with almost entirely, if not entirely, new players work?

How would it not work?

Dodge, you want to claim that such would work.  The burden of proof is thus on you.

Lack of space wasn't the problem with new players on server1 or server2 during the recent sale.

Dodge wrote:

I just explained what i value, having an end is not an issue the issue is that it's always the same pattern and nothing really ends up happening with everything being made, you make the village, the village dies, repeat.

Nothing happens after civilisations are being made they dont live in this world they only die, they dont have any story, you just make them to make them but they dont end up existing in this world and in a couple of hours build new ones again just for the sake of building new ones.

So what you value could get described as permenance?  That you could leave behind a legacy that could last?

I think you're speaking more clearly than you were before Dodge.

Dodge wrote:

Picture the start of a new world, the beginning, Eve's spawn, families are made, civilisations are built, these civilisations interact with each other in order to progress and during that progression anything can happen but eventually if we played our cards right and didn't die due to poor management of ressources or bad relationships between civilisations then we reach a point where the lineages that made it up to here are advanced in a level of tech where they can build something that allows them to escape that presumed inevitability and essentially not end up doomed, and keep going.

I think they would have to have a steady state at that point of high technology then.  I don't see how such is consistent with "Everything Runs Out" or "Evolve or Die".

Dodge wrote:

Cant migrate or make outposts because everyone is stuck birthing in their own village, lineages die in a couple of days so no point of having anything long term, you cant really make trading roads between villages because it keeps expanding into infinity so the villages dont build any history or identity and eventually get lost, interactions arent really interesting since they are based on a forced predictability, you HAVE to get latex from the brown people instead of having a choice between getting it yourself but with some sort of cost like more dangerous to be in jungle for someone that isn't native from that region or interact with brown people.

I think I agree with everything here.  It's pretty bad.

Dodge wrote:

Now what if you werent forced to interact with browns to get latex, what if you had the choice between interacting with them or getting it another way although that other way would also have it's pros and cons.

If players had such a choice, I don't see how the current game designer would be deisgning this game.  He isn't able to design a game using such methods.  And I find it doubtful that he could work well with people who know how to do such.  Not from what I've seen at least.

Dodge wrote:

Since you dont NEED them for survival it means you have the CHOICE wether or not you would make that ressource available or not and since you wouldn't strictly need them to reach end game then there would be advantages to keeping that ressource for yourself and advantages aswell in trading it, in other words it would become a decision that depends on the situation and not some forced thing that you have to do by obligation everytime, bland.

Such definitely sounds more interesting to me.  I think it might also work better for new players, since they would have more possibility of happening upon such somewhat by chance, or clumsily.

Dodge wrote:

There's 12 different servers they could all have their own story, their own world.

It's 16 different servers.  bigserver2, and servers 1 through server 15.  Sure, that looks like a minor detail.  What is not so minor is that to have different servers with their own story, the game also would need more players, or the game has to be appealing enough in itself for low populations of players.  It would also require more code.  It would also be rather different than how the current game designer runs things.  It'd probably require a different philosophy for game development.

We are an average of 50 players and we have 16 servers
If we place 1 eve on each server, there will be 3 players left in each family or server ...
I don't want to imagine how "fun" this situation can be

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