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If only there was a game I could play...

I want to invent a game where the acronym is IOU and make sure everything is free, for everyone, all the time.
They just have to work for it. And they can share.

And no one is a dick that hides shit behind property fences, at any stage along the way.

Ah, that'd be a nice game.

For people who aren't dicks for shit.


Why are so many games about being dicks for shit, anyway?
Seems the video game industry has a fecal phallus problem.

#2 Re: Main Forum » Eve spawn analysis: 11-05 to 11-18 » Yesterday 10:56:01

Dodge wrote:

Such a strange concept to have _____ in a game that has ___________, like Sisyphus forever rolling a boulder up a hill

Anyone ever play Madlibs?

There are a lot of strange concepts in this game, most of them our responsibility as players, but Jason's contributions have been I _ _ E R _ S _ I _ G.

#3 Re: Main Forum » DestinyCall, on Geographic Barriers » Yesterday 10:42:38

Dodge wrote:

Natural barriers like oceans, mountains etc are technically possible to be added to the game but it has to come from a hand drawn image, like a paint file where you would draw the oceans, the mountains and make them into a specific shape/disposition.

If you only add them as biomes in the current map generation system it would either be some round biome with a limited size that you could just skip by going around it so completely useless or be a band of ocean like in the current map which would both look and be uninteresting and players would eventually hate it.

If it's made with a hand drawn image then these barriers could have any form imaginable and you can choose which biomes are separated like for example the jungle, desert and thundra separated from each other and in order to get the ressources you have to overcome these barriers.

Speaking of barriers i think they are the key to remplace the current forced biome restriction mechanic and make it into something much more organic and interesting.

Every special biome has an outer layer, so the tundra for example is surrounded by arctic ice, only the tundra has oil, the arctic ice that surrounds it has a lot of blizzards and is extremly cold so it acts as a natural barrier to access the oil in the tundra.

Everyone has access to every biome and can freely, pick up, drop or craft any object in them BUT only the gingers are immune to the blizzards and freezing effect of the arctic ice and tundra, so they only are regular cold and not freezing plus resistant to blizzards in case they encounter them.

This way the player has a choice, i can either risk it and go in the unfamiliar biome to get ressources keeping in mind that it's extremly dangerous and that i might not come back, or trade with the native people of that biome who can easily get these ressources.

This can be applied to other special biomes.

Browns immune to yellow fever from mosquitoes and comfortable in the jungle and deep jungle climate.

Blacks immune to desert storms and resistant to the scorching sun from the desert and sand desert.

Interesting post... has Jason stated what you said in those first three paragraphs, anywhere online?
Or, did you get that from someone else familiar with the engine, or do you know it from experience working with the code yourself?

Seems a little sketchy to say it "it has to come from a hand drawn image" when I imagine someone that has worked with games that generate maps and biomes and terrain details, should be capable of putting to code, the rules, to generate such a map; either a small one, say, 1024x1024 meters wide, or one that would alternate for as long as some set limit, like a memory size for C++, dictates.

I don't know shit about computers, but I've played enough games with generated worlds to imagine what it takes to write rules.
A lot of games are tile based, and even the ones I don't think are, probably are, and somehow lines are drawn in the tiles that make me forget the tiles, looking at the landscapes, but then look at the objects, and how they are placed in worlds, like The Forest, and I imagine there is some kind of tile-like system at work there... but that's never random is it? Hmm, maybe not the best example, how about, something like Life is Feudal - Forest Village, the 3D Banished game? It doesn't look like tiles, till you try to manipulate the world. Come to think of it, you see similar limitations in The Forest, but not until you begin constructing, and then they appear in that exchange with the game; the rules, show up.

Regardless, thank you for making this post Dodge. Just the act of posting in this thread, thank you.

Got me thinking about a One Hour One Life version of Risk, but that's probably because I was making a Risk board from a Checkboard while I was in Jail, and, improvising games from limited material, has been on my mind a lot over the course of my life. Having a younger brother to grow up with, it was part of my job as a human being; keeping us both entertained, while we were 'growing up'.

No one ever says Grow Down.
But trees have to, to get strong roots to stand. Nearly half the tree is the root system. Sometimes more than half.
Not to say anything of the mycelia...

So, yeah. Interesting post, I'll just say that.

Maybe I'll write my own code for painting islands with MS Paint. XD
Fat chance, I'm lazy af.

But, which games have map generators where I could swap out the names for biomes with OHOL names and make it work?

I'd have to think of all the games I've played with map generators; which would be the best.


Another idea came to me, if there were premade maps, maybe after a run ended, anyone playing could vote on the next map, from a short selection of images picked from a larger pool? Using that questionnaire feature Jason added to the game long ago, but I haven't seen used in, just as long.
Everyone dies at the same time, screen goes black, options present themselves for the next map, everyone logged in gets to choose, after x amount of time, if everyone hasn't chosen, the new map is selected based on the most votes, with a tie going to one at random (as best a computer can be random) and life begins anew from there?


I was just looking at some pictures in my OHOL folder...



Fucking nightmare fuel.

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NoTruePunk wrote:

Homes should be owned and operated by the people who use them, at cost. Not traded as a commodity.

What if I find a good deal on some inexpensive building material and my friend let's me use his vacant lot downtown to make a bunch of little houses?

What if my friend decides he wants to divide that lot up into little lots for all the little homes, and we propose the division to the city council and, they make an exception for the minimal size of a lot and give us the okay? We pay the taxes on the little lots with a grant that is meant to go to "Projects for the homeless" and the people in all those little homes don't have to worry about a thing, as far as a place to live is concerned.

Is that imaginable?
Would you approve, disprove, or say nothing of that?


Let's say I own a vacant hotel downtown where people are known to be squatting 'illegally' and I don't mention it to anyone.

Do you think I'm being a good, or bad, person?
Feel free to be as elaborate or concise, with your replies, as you like, but do please make them, upon reading this.

#5 Re: Main Forum » Pro tip: how to get absolute coordinates » Yesterday 09:17:49

NoTruePunk wrote:
Morti wrote:
NoTruePunk wrote:


Forgive me for being old, but, what does this mean?
I refuse to Google it out of principle, but I'm not above asking.

Yeet: To throw, lob, discard with force or velocity

All uses make sense now.

So, you could say "I yeeted that bitch to the curb."
or, "That motherfucker started yeetin Szechuan sauce at me, out the god damn window!"


Someone could even be said to "Be yeetin the streets." in reference to the way they throw down flat rocks to make road tiles?


Does Spoonwood "yeet" posts on this forum?

#6 Re: Main Forum » DestinyCall, on Geographic Barriers » Yesterday 09:06:12 … 1568062892


Nostalgia SUCKS.
The life out of you.
Not even once!

Don't do it, kids!

#7 Re: Main Forum » DestinyCall, on Geographic Barriers » Yesterday 08:37:41

I think Google/Youtube recommended this video because I was talking about mountains.

I wouldn't go that far.

We're not trying to recreate top down Minecraft here.

But damn, would that be fun...

Reminds me of Otzi

That was a really good movie, but what's even cooler (is NOT the temperature in the Alps, that's a dumb joke and I should be ashamed of myself for having thought of it) what's even cooler, is that Otzi was REAL.

#8 Re: Main Forum » Pro tip: how to get absolute coordinates » Yesterday 08:01:05

NoTruePunk wrote:


Forgive me for being old, but, what does this mean?
I refuse to Google it out of principle, but I'm not above asking.

#9 Re: Main Forum » DestinyCall, on Geographic Barriers » Yesterday 07:47:36

My little milkweed outpost.


Here I grew milkweed for lassos and carts, and here the sheep lived without fences, so that I could slaughter them for saddles as needed.
I had to have a horse cart to make those walls as fast as I could, and I couldn't count on the other towns having horses all the time, or, finding my last horse in the place where I left it from one life to the next, so, I farmed my own horse carts.

Why am I telling you all of this when this thread was supposed to be about mountains and oceans?

Well, it was a really good time.
A good time I had, with many of you, even though you were off screen.
I knew you were out there and that this would have an impact on you,
so I kept at it.
Life after life.

I wanted to give you something new.
A new problem to deal with.
A new idea, for keeping the arc alive, by separating people from each other, that wanted our families to end.

Could you imagine if I had pulled off completely dividing the arc in half?
If only that town in the southeast hadn't succumbed to it's own confines - those property fence making fools...

Those property fence making fools, are still around to this day.

Give us natural barriers to overcome, Jason.
Don't insist we become our own barriers, to make some dumb point.
Make a good game.
Stop making art.
Maybe your good game will become, more art, than the bad version.

It's your game. Your art to make.
Or is it up to the players, whether it's art or not?

Which do you value more? Yourself, or everyone else?
This isn't a lesson for us, it's a lesson for you.

Make a great game.

Obviously we like this one, we're here.
This was a good idea.
But is this the most you want to give to this project?
Is this THE project? Is this the genre, the engine, is this, the game, you want to be responsible for the most of you?
You want people to find you in this, above everything else you've done?

I have a lot of questions for you, Jason, questions that will probably never be asked, let alone answered.
There's just not enough time in our busy schedules for one another. big_smile

Maybe some day.

As you like.

#10 Re: Main Forum » DestinyCall, on Geographic Barriers » Yesterday 07:11:28


I started this town as a place to go when I was male, to make tools for the road that would lead tot he center.
I went there as a woman and had kids.
It became the second to last family that arc, the one that remained there. Not sure if those last people were all my descendants or not, but all the fences people put around it made it a shitty experience just being there. I couldn't decide how much I wanted to wall in. My walled towns had multiple wells.

This was the 2x3 NE Town one arc.

This was the 4x4 NW Town the next arc.

I couldn't decide how big I wanted that southeast town to be, and by the time I did, people had fenced it in and were giving me a hard time when I wanted out the fence gates with tools. Those fences turned, and the gates especially, were just a pain in the ass, to the way I wanted to play the game.

So, I turned this abandoned camp,
into my new tool town, and just planned to give that town in the southeast corner, a lot of the map...

How much?

As much as I could.
1/6? 1/4? 1/2???

Half the map would be funny...

It was funny.

Funny enough an idea, that I'd have a go at it.

#11 Re: Main Forum » DestinyCall, on Geographic Barriers » Yesterday 06:46:05


See those dirt piles along the wall?
I wanted to plant food along the whole wall, from both sides, but I figured I'd start at the bottom and work my way up.

I never got around to doing that, as my focus became on the wall itself and getting it up as quickly as possible so it could stand the 10 hours needed for it to become permanent. I figured I'd get back to those piles after I was satisfied with my progress. But, that I would start at the bottom, also, because people following the wall would be flabergasted at the site of it, and after having run the length to the bottom, might be low on food, so they would need a snack to recharge for the trip, either, back up the wall, or where ever else they planned to go.

Those were going to become remote corners, where people on either side could observe each other, but not kill each other... nor help one another.
But having something similar on both sides, may have made a person on either side, consider just what the game had become about. And whether or not they wanted to continue down that path, or turn back.

#12 Re: Main Forum » DestinyCall, on Geographic Barriers » Yesterday 06:28:45



A good person, punched that hole in the wall.
I wish I could make games people that good, could enjoy.

That's what I did.
I made the game something new.

Also, not even sure the true length of time that arc was going was ...65761 seconds.
It probably wasn't. That's probably just the time between two snapshots, of the previous and following arcs.
24 real hours is 86,400 seconds.

I don't know what that time represents, but it meant a lot to me, that day.

#13 Re: Main Forum » DestinyCall, on Geographic Barriers » Yesterday 06:07:34

Will this link work? … 1568062892
If so, follow the wall at x=0, south, to see it on wondible's map.

In the top right corner is an icon with layers, click on that, and put a check mark for "graticule"

The point of that wall, was to create a barrier people on the East, and West side would have to deal with.
I'm not saying I wanted to divide people, I wanted to give them security from each other, on either side, while imagining myself settling with a hole in the middle, between the east and west side, where the two families on either side would have enough defense to keep the other from breaking through, if it came to that.

I looked at what I was doing, in a lot of ways, during and after, having done it.

You can use wondible's map to see the progress I made on the wall, with each life.

In the URL, … 1568062894 there is this part, t=1568062894, that is the UNIX time for the data stored. If you change the 4 at the end to a 5, one second later, you will see that is when the new rift was created.

A character's life is 60 years max, 60 minutes, 3600 seconds.

If you want to jump 60 years of game time, you'd subtract 3600 from 1568062894, but that's Math. That's dumb, and so am I, so I just like to round numbers.
Round 2894, the last 4 digits, down to 0000 and you have this … 1568060000
1200 seconds is 20 years of game time, close enough to 1000. 10000 seconds is about three full lives.
You want to progress forward and backward by fractions of a life, adjust the 4th digit from the end.
You want to go forward or backwards by a couple hours of played time, adjust the 5th digit.
You want to know exactly how much each digit equates to, well, you're in luck, I haven't done the math yet, so you can tell me after you've done it.


No. No wait!

It's not that cool...

The map starts at … 1567997133, and it's the same map.

I thought wondible's map had a timelapse feature, and it would have showed things that way but, I was wrong apparently.

Never mind.

Just keep in mind, if you zoom out, I did the X of white road tiles as well as the wall going up the middle...

All between 1567997133 and 1568062894... (without being more familiar with UNIX time, that just looks so meaningless.)

This v 7!
Changed to an 8!

Mind = Blown

But it was 7.99, and it only changed to 8.06...
... still, that's 0.07... of the 7th digit... pretty amazing... when you think of it that way...

I'm going to go do something else, cya.

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DestinyCall wrote:

That being said, there were some good things about the rift that could have been leveraged into interesting new game mechanics - like the idea of using geographic barriers (oceans/mountains) as a way of restricting or defining different regions to allow for easier long-distance navigation and to make the open map feel less repetitive and endless. … 67#p103667

Remember the walls I made, in the Arc?
More importantly, do you remember what purpose I wanted the final iteration of the walls to become?

It was not about walling in towns, it was about creating bottlenecks, choke points and forcing traffic to locations.

Holes should be fillable, obstructions should be destroyable.

Mountains and water should be the third dimension of this game, in much the same way ponds and walls are.
(I know it's called 2.5D in game design.)

That *is* the thought that tickled me every life, in my most ambitious project, the wall to divide the map in half.

I expanded more on that thought here: … 216#p73216
and there is a little about the idea of walls being used as mountains, here: … 118#p92118

Now I also realize that ponds are impassible, and in their way, they too can function as 2.5D objects. An object, like a pond, but that is nearly a full square of water, could be filled with baskets of soil (or something similar, like sand or rubble) that after awhile it'd be flat ground.

Nothing has to change with the engine itself, except, that they'd have to be added to the code for the generation of the world, so that they are either on top of existing biomes, covering them up, or, are themselves, two new biomes, that one flattened or filled, become like badland (dark grey) tiles.


I won't type too much in this first post, I just want to get the idea out and let people consider it.

Thanks for reminding me, Destiny.


I loved putting up those walls, now how about we have even more fun, tearing our way through mountains to reach each other?

#15 Re: Main Forum » I found something in the woods. » Yesterday 03:31:34

But what I really found in those woods, was myself.


γνῶθι σεαυτόν
Ποτέ μην ξεκουράζεσαι, Σωκράτης.

#16 Re: Main Forum » Another report from the road (again, again) » Yesterday 02:36:25

Here are some links for Dover VT … -documents
Here are similar links for Dover NH
(Yes, the government of the town uses a private webhosting site for these sorts of things... kinda dumb, but the rabbit hole starts here: at the bottom.)

Not that it's important if you don't care about that detail. But, it's an example, that is relevant and interesting, given the matter.
Does Dover NH have a district for people with no wealth? Stay Tuned!

#18 Re: Main Forum » Another report from the road (again, again) » Yesterday 02:27:13

jasonrohrer wrote:

We've finally settled on a town in New Hampshire:  Dover.

Morti wrote:

Let's take a look at some things regarding Dover, Vermont

Let me not pretend this was intentional. I mixed up Vermont and New Hampshire. XD

Will you get the point? Yes.
Will you read this and laugh that I fucked up and forget the problem? No.

But I laughed, when I looked again and Jason's post (a third time) and read

jasonrohrer wrote:

New Hampshire

You have my permission to laugh as well.


#19 Re: Main Forum » Another report from the road (again, again) » Yesterday 02:12:54

jasonrohrer wrote:

And they're actually sheltering the homeless here, and then forcing the ones who don't want shelter to pack up an leave public spaces (I don't know what the best solution is, but long-term camping on the public sidewalks is probably not it).

Could we, come up with a solution for this problem?
I mean us, on this forum.

Can we, at least, imagine, that this is a sort of pen and paper or statistical problem that we can solve?

I have had many ideas over the years, while in various situations... like, in 2001, I was actually homeless for several months and traveled around. I lived under a bridge, I slept in coffee shops, I stayed in vacant homes - even after the home owner had come home and relocated me to another vacant home of theirs, further downtown, where the neighborhood was 95% black, but the houses were beautiful homes all, I would estimate, 50-100 years old, made when the Midwest was booming post WW2, as the iron, copper and coal industries switched over from making machines of war to automobiles and home appliances. I was homeless in 2001 in Indianapolis. Prior to that I lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan from fall of 99 until spring of the year 2000. And while in Grand Rapids I found a lot of work that just barely kept me off the street.

I have some ideas for how to deal with the housing problem for the poor.
Designs for cities, streets and structures.
Changes to laws and attitudes that would take generations to become culturally normal.

Let's look at some curves.

The bell curve.

Boy wouldn't it be nice if things were like this?
The poor and the rich at opposite ends, the middle class, cozy and fat, in between?

It's not like that. The range of incomes and wealth...


Oh, it's a left modal with a positive skew alright.


Except it's more like this.


Something like that.

But where is the bulk of the curve?

Billions of people with thousands of dollars worth of wealth, each, right? Where is that bulk in the curve that gives it it's supple shape?
Where are the millions of people with millions of dollars?


The United States is probably 350 million people, Earth is 8 billion, 8,000/350=22.86, 22.86*11.8M=~270 million households around the world worth over a million US dollars? In your dreams.
What is the wealth per capita of the US compared to the rest of the world?
What is a household?

Here is some more info on adults, around the world.


Nearly 3 billion adults have less than $10,000 in wealth.

How do we expect those people to afford homes?

Perhaps a new view of what a city layout should be, is in order?

What is a household?

People need to eat, people need to stay warm enough not to freeze to death, people, use their brains to navigate their environments, and those parts of our environments we spend the most time; that we become most familiar with, that we personalize, where we are comfortable enough to sleep, become our homes.

Millions of people... billions, are getting by with next to nothing for food, clothing and shelter, compared to billions of others.
But the ones we should be most concerned about, have nothing what-so-ever of value to the most of the world. Except for maybe a vote, a little labor, or as pawns in political/economic/religious chess, they have nothing.

Can we keep them alive in new cities?
Can we keep them healthy?
Can we give them enough environmental comfort?

How do we get them homes?

There are so many things to argue about, just on this one matter. But the more we, who have homes, argue, the longer each of them goes on suffering.


Comfort is not hard to find. It doesn't cost much.
Just a place to sleep, mostly. We're okay being less comfortable awake. Walking the streets, the rivers, the beaches, sitting at libraries and parks, looking at monitors, people, and the rest of the environment itself. There are too many things in this world to occupy a homeless person's time; too many leaves blowing in the wind, to watch, as they find muddy puddles to settle in.


Property value is a real thing, despite money being what is is for now, the environments where people live, work and recreate, have value, to each person.
A lot of values.

Let's take the RCI values of Simcity, for instance, (I like to think of them as RICE; Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Everything in between) and consider where we find homeless people and why. First, we had nothing... well, even that isn't entirely the best way to look at it, but, we had the clearings in the woods we slept and lived near, and we had the food we gathered and shared. Maybe going back to the very beginning of homo sapiens, or even hominids, isn't the way to go about this, but, it should give you a better sense of whats valuable and why people want to be near it.

But for now, let's look at a modern day city.

Let's take a look at some things regarding Dover, Vermont
ZONING BYLAWS - … 202007.pdf
Zoning Map 1 - … ngmap1.pdf

Zoning Map 2 - … ngmap2.pdf

Zoning Map 3 - … ngmap3.pdf

I especially like that last one; "Sensitive Wildlife Resource Overlay District" meanwhile, according to you, Jason, they're like "Get out of here, you bum!" and there is no low income housing districts, no land where people are welcome to sleep freely, no places designated for people who don't feel like they belong in any other, but want to be near any one in particular. Of course those things don't exist, no one plans for people to be homeless, or, householdless.

None-the-less, homeless people are attracted to the same resources as non-homeless people; especially people themselves. And not for their resources, but for their company. (Not their jobs, or their businesses, you dolt; their companionship, their characters, their, conversations.) So where can we accommodate these individuals who want to be, in a place, but don't necessarily want to do all the things that place expects of them, to be there? Well, you can lower your expectations and embrace more people, then, once embraced, raise their expectations of themselves; raise, their standard of living. But how are you to do that with the most challenging people, if your plan does not accommodate those most challenging ones?

What I am getting at here, is that the line should start, at zero. Zero, expectations, should be in place for everyone, from the start. Just being alive, should qualify people for being somewhere. Homeless people need a place to be accepted, all the time, forever. This is the district of the employers, this is the district of the educators, this is the district for community services, this is, The District, where life begins anew, for people who wish to provide purpose, to each other.

There needs to be a place where homeless people are not stressed to integrate into other parts of society, first, and then there be a scale, a zonal gradient; if you will, for each district, as to what degree of expectations people have for one another.
(Maybe that is a little too far, but I trust you get the idea.)

There just needs to be a place where wealth starts at zero. There is no guarantee that wealth, which you would think would start at zero and continuously work it's way up over the course of ones life, there is no guarantee that human beings are not going to find themselves back at zero, at some point in their teens, or later in life. We must accept this as part of the reality we live in, where we use money to represent value, and place that value on land and property... but not people?
Not on people themselves, but on the services they provide for one another.

There needs to be a place where no service is expected of people, and no debt is accrued just being there.

Or we will have to settle with a universal basic income and low income housing to match, or, accept that there will always be a homeless 'problem' or, stop seeing it as a problem... The more you accept as a part of life, the more experiences you open yourself up to, both good and bad, but of course, these people are homeless, of course most of what they will provide will be bad, from money's perspective.


I'm so emotional right now... I can't finish this post.

I wanted to add structures to downtown scenes.
I wanted to talk about how homeless people are willing to risk their lives to sleep in unsafe environments and how that can be incorporated into bylaws and codes.
I wanted to draw plans for cheap, little homes that could be mass produced, like Buckminster Fuller might have done.

I'm just so mad right now... at a big chunk of people who have lived for a small chunk of life's timeline, for letting themselves become complacent in the overturning of values; from people, to money and the blurring of the line that distinguishes the two from one another.

I am going to give up on this, just, for right now.
Just, for a moment, and let this wound on my heart, fester and/or heal.

We CAN solve a great deal of problems, this is one of them.

#20 Re: Main Forum » What happened here? » 2020-11-27 05:08:37

I remember when I was banned from this forum.

I had a thought I felt very passionately about and I went out on a limb expressing it.
Sometimes people have to do that, to understand where the tree's limbs are strongest.

We take big risks breaking traditions; in communications, it's no different.
People feel their thoughts should be taken seriously, or, just want to be heard and acknowledged.

It's difficult, to find you are not in the same book as everyone else, let alone on the same page, on any matter.
But that is reward of being a part of humanity, with our flowers and fruit out on nearly 8 billion branches now.

We're replacing the role of evolution and the diversity of life, with the role of ideas; points, beliefs, attitudes, reasons, and everything that follows.
If you're willing to go far enough out on a limb, you, and your ideas, may just fall far enough from the tree that you don't need to compete with it for fertile conditions where you; your ideas, can grow.

Then sometimes a herbivorous predator comes along and eats you off the tree and shits the seed of your idea somewhere perfect for them to grow.
Other times they just deposit you in a cave, where your idea is going to dry up and turn to dust.

They might turn your ideas into hard cider and get each other drunk on them.

It's a risk you take feeding the world ideas.


Sometimes being bad is going out on a limb.
Sometimes being good is, too.

But FFS, do what feels right to you and at the end of the day, the tree of right, and all it's kids, will grow and strengthen the forest, while the trees of wrong, find there seeds, winding up at the bottoms of trash pits, or worse, actively avoided by the resources they need to sustain themselves, in this case; minds.

I've said things that have shut me out of some minds, if you haven't, I'm not sure you're doing this; being a human, thing, very well.
It's a risk we take; to be honest, to be happy, to make the world interesting, for each other.

It's a risk we take, so that what we think, might live on - maybe even thrive.


It's good to see passion for ideas, even if they are challenging, to deal with.


Please consider the ways I have interacted with some people, like Dodge when we were discussing global warming, or Bobo, when they managed to kill me on stream. I see welcoming people into my life, now higher a priority, than keeping bad ideas out - whatever those might be.
In fact, there is no longer even a comparison in value, between a mind and an idea.
And when you care about minds over ideas, and you want to see those minds, and to show them the reward of good ideas, you get some control over that urge we initially tend to have in communication with others, to want to degrade the mind for having a thought, attitude or opinion, that you do not find valuable.
People are billion dollar business purchases, compared to the pennies, the left or right swipes on ideas are worth.

We communicate with people. We have to be able to communicate.
I, have an overwhelming desire, to find the people behind the ideas.
To connect, with others, even when we disagree.

Do I do a great job at making those important connections I want to have with everyone?
I do not.

But I am willing to continue trying. That is never off the table.

I'm not a great person, in any way.

Just wanted to share some thoughts on how I view people and ideas, and what they are to me.
Seemed appropriate.


Careful you don't conflate protecting what you love, with attacking what you think is wrong.

Keep in mind, how good it feels, to see what you love, grow.

Focus on the loving, and the growing.
it's more fruitful.

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If the game doesn't support it, then add another layer, for the player to view, that does?
Ever play Life? Conway's Game of Life? Simple rules for cells, can lead to a lot.
Heat & Cold could spread and grow from Deserts Jungles or Tundra.
Percipitation, could have similar rules and spawn from the Swamp (and maybe someday lake and ocean biomes) or even the Jungle, if it's to be seen like a rain forest - trees transpose a lot of water, a lot more than we give them credit for as emphasis is most often placed on the evaporation of water from large bodies, like the Atlantic, throwing hurricanes up the north, getting absorbed by North America or ricocheting of and going to Europe.

Where was I?

Trees transpire a continuous stream of humidity that flows over the lands downwind.


Keeping them 'fertile' and, without it... we get desertification.


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Replies: 3

For making this game what it is.

For being a part of our Great Family.

For being someone to love, and be loved by.

For caring for me, and each each other.

My deepest thanks to you.

#23 Re: Main Forum » I found something in the woods. » 2020-11-25 06:22:01

The time of the 500x500 Arc.

We neglected milkweed, and all died.

Prior to that I was working on ideas for garden layouts... that's how laid back we were ... then you see how pissed I got because of the "ONE HUNDRED NEW CRAFTABLE OBJECTS ADDED EVERY WEEK" screenshot I used to chime in with people complaining.

Ahh, good times. smile

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Spoonwood wrote:

Are those pictures from after the pump overhaul in May of 2019 Morti?

Here's the thread

You see here the number of kids I had … id=5039711

Rip all the 0 year old's that wanted to live, but I just couldn't afford to juggle.
0 years old
16 months ago
Sudden Infant Death
Final words: "O"   
Mercury James
6 years old
16 months ago
Final words: "No foo"   
Mars James
7 years old
16 months ago
Killed by Wild Boar
Final words: "Xd"   
0 years old
16 months ago
Venus James
1 year old
16 months ago
Sudden Infant Death   
Terra James
4 years old
16 months ago
Final words: "Up"   
Jupiter James
3 years old
16 months ago
Final words: "F"   
1 year old
16 months ago
Final words: "F"   
1 year old
16 months ago
Luna James
17 years old
16 months ago
Killed by Hungry Grizzly Bear
Final words: "Die to autopathing"   
0 years old
16 months ago
Sudden Infant Death   
Saturn James
4 years old
16 months ago
Final words: "Ily"   
1 year old
16 months ago
Final words: "F"   
0 years old
16 months ago
Sudden Infant Death   
0 years old
16 months ago
0 years old
16 months ago
0 years old
16 months ago
Final words: "F"   
0 years old
16 months ago
0 years old
16 months ago
Final words: "F"   
0 years old
16 months ago
Final words: "F"   
0 years old
16 months ago
Sudden Infant Death   
0 years old
16 months ago
Final words: "F"   
0 years old
16 months ago
Sudden Infant Death   
3 years old
16 months ago
Final words: "F"   
1 year old
16 months ago
Final words: "F"   
1 year old
16 months ago
Final words: "F"

I know it's something we shouldn't be encouraging, but I liked the times where Jason turned the dial to 11, and things just fell apart in generations.
Those seemed like fruitful lessons; about the game, and us, and our reluctance to buckle at times, but willingness to bend in others.

#25 Re: Main Forum » I found something in the woods. » 2020-11-25 05:12:29

Spoonwood wrote:

Are those pictures from after the pump overhaul in May of 2019 Morti?

well, very close, they were made in July 2019.

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