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#1 Re: Main Forum » Slash Die, and Curse My Baby » 2020-10-19 23:46:49

Spoonwood wrote:

There's only one curse token half an hour now, I think.

Mid Feb 2020

Code Change

Curse token time now 15 minutes (10 seems too short). … f9dbb74492

#2 Re: Main Forum » Coming soon: Specialty Biome and Homland geographic banding » 2020-10-19 21:54:36

Spoonwood wrote:
fug wrote:
Spoonwood wrote:

No, they won't.  Some black, brown, jungle Eve, or their children will place a wellsite on some spot with no iron mines along the ley line with a black Eve.  I saw that happen last week, and it's not hard to do.

If you make a well with no iron on the ley line you can make a second well to trigger iron nodes.

So that's a change that's coming, right?

Mid-April 2020

Code Change

When triggering unlock of iron veins due to a primary homeland, we only count it as a primary homeland if it taps out at least one iron vein. Thus, if a family makes a bad choice for their first well in an area with no iron veins, they can move later to a spot with iron veins and unlock them with a new well site. Fixes #590 … 463755d74d

#3 Re: Main Forum » Coming soon: Specialty Biome and Homland geographic banding » 2020-10-19 20:56:04

Coconut Fruit wrote:

Gingers will probably have much easier and bigger access to kerosene, tho getting rubber and especially horses will be difficult for them.

For the other hand blacks should have tons of horses, but you can only ride one at a time, so it may be hard to share them in bigger quantities.

Desert people could find a nearby medium to large desert biome, place a fence kit in the mountain biome nearly. Then place all the horses in the mountain biome.

Other fams could come wearing a sheep skin and bring thread (or bring a saddle in their cart) and get horses themselves. Get a wild carrot and a lasso (wild milkweed) on the way there.

#4 Re: Main Forum » Coming soon: Specialty Biome and Homland geographic banding » 2020-10-19 19:34:29

I have questions...

1. What if you are an Eve (let's say Jungle Eve), and you go north to Language Homeland (or any other horizontal band that is not your own), can you still make a well and unlock iron? (I know you can't make babies there.)

2. Will the waystones only show up still in the biome they are in?

Just asking because, for example, the horizontal band is 300 tiles. ("I don't think twisted's maps show this, but each family would have the same width "band" for their homeland.  Maybe 300 tiles tall.")

So from an early Arctic fam (with a cart, no horses), you have to walk let's say 750 tiles to reach the Desert horizontal band before you can finally find a Desert waystone.

Then you find out the Desert fam is way to the east 3000 tiles (or worse).

If the every specialty waystone was in each horizontal band, you would have known to walk southeast and saved yourself like 7-10 minutes walking time. Instead you walk 3750 tiles.

If you walked southeast, you would have roughly saved yourself 700 tiles of walking.

3. "specialty biomes will occur in five horizontal bands", "Twisted's original idea involved "no man's land" bands between the bands, where there's only mountain, as depicted in his images below.  I'm going to skip that part of the idea for now, and just have the bands and homelands butt up against each other.  I can always add the no-man's land buffer zones later, if needed."

What's the 5th horizontal band if you are skipping the "no man's land" band? Arctic, language, jungle, desert, ___ ?

#5 Re: Main Forum » Coming soon: Specialty Biome and Homland geographic banding » 2020-10-19 18:52:53

This makes curses somewhat less effective.

Just get your griefer friend to stand somewhere far. And no more DT ever.

Especially since you lowered the base curse radius to 50.

But even if you raised it back to 100 tiles, it is much harder to stop them being born.

I guess you could make it so that if someone in that family has someone cursed...the cursed person cannot be born to anyone in the same fam no matter how far they are.

But I guess they could do that now by making another well/cistern.


#6 Re: Main Forum » Merged leadership of arctic and translator people today » 2020-10-08 19:16:48


Guess what happened?

There were people trying to kill each other in Coronel Town for over 40 minutes.

Griefers trying to kill. Fed up people trying to stop the griefers. The leader was a white man around 2000 tiles away.

Until finally, the family line died.

Not with a murder but with baby girl June saying F trying to drop herself from her just turned 40 year old mother's arms.

But no one noticed the girl in time, with 10 people in the kitchen shouting about the griefers who could not be killed.

#7 Re: Main Forum » Griefers nicknames and what they're doing » 2020-10-01 21:44:22

BOOK ARMY - Hailerm (discord name), changes phex name but currently YoungHomie. … l&id=38646  Mazen Tesseneer

#8 Re: Main Forum » On the note of scrapping engines... » 2020-07-10 00:35:01

Content Change

Digging up a track now takes two people collaborating (vibrating Adze gets stuck in hand for a bit after first whack). Part of #637 … 82e1b53da6

BUT..........engines: "nah, let the griefers have their fun"


#9 Re: Main Forum » What was going on? » 2020-06-19 21:36:22

DiscardedSlinky wrote:

Yeah we were born to her twice and she ran from us immediately then killed herself. She never picked any of us up, we ran to town whisling but we were just too far away. We waited a few mins before trying again.

Nothing we could've done.

LOL, found the answer. Well, probably.

One of the mom's recent lives...Final words: "Twins usally grief"

So, it was the old prejudice.

#10 Re: Main Forum » Ok » 2020-06-18 01:29:25

Spoonwood wrote:
karltown_veteran wrote:

not ok

Here here (that's a way of saying that I agree, if you don't know).

Hear, hear

not Here, here

#11 Re: Main Forum » What was going on? » 2020-06-14 05:41:59

D3mon1cblack wrote:

i think family tree and gene score is bugged my mother died before 40 and she didnt count towards my score.

did your mom die before you were 3 years old?

if yes, they don't count for your gene score.

#12 Re: Main Forum » What was going on? » 2020-06-13 17:13:34

DestinyCall wrote:

I agree that you should not be sent back to the same mother if you die as a baby, whether you use /die or starve to death or get dropped on a bear.    A mother who isn't able to keep her babies alive probably does not need more babies and definitely shouldn't be getting the same baby over and over.    And a baby that intentionally kills itself to escape a certain birth condition isn't going to want to return to the same mother and will try to die again.  By forcing them together again, it creates nothing but problems.

However, the current birthing mechanic doesn't care about that.   Jason intentionally designed it so you can't escape your fate.   The game decides which mother needs babies the most and as long as that condition has not changed, you will keep getting forced back to the same mother.

Code Change

After /DIE, the last mother who had you is blocked for you, ensuring that you don't /DIE-cycle back to the same mother again and again (not even in lowpop). If there's only ONE mother available, doing /DIE one time will cause you to spawn as Eve. Note that if there is more than one mother, you will cycle between them with /DIE. The only change here is that you will never return to the same mother over and over, without other mothers being tried in between. Fixes #549

(end of feb 2020)

#13 Re: Main Forum » What was going on? » 2020-06-13 17:04:33

It's the same set of quad. They spawned to Vianka twice.

You daughter Vianka might be inexperienced and couldn't handle them.

Or Vianka is a vet and still has the old prejudice against multiples.

Or the quad just ran away.

Or something else.

I know one of the quad is active in here in the forum, also on discord. They might see this post and answer.

EDIT: just rechecked Vianka never pick any of the kids up. (to breastfeed)

#14 Re: Main Forum » Horse Nerf (Suggestion) » 2020-06-03 02:28:03

From the genius mind that suggested the ability to scrap engines .....

#15 Re: Main Forum » Interesting experience tried to get rid of an evil leader » 2020-05-31 22:27:00

Arcurus wrote:
cordy wrote:
Arcurus wrote:

@ my daughter Sunny Drinkwater: I forgive you! LOL But since i messed up the curse no need actually to forgive...

Sunny was Bobo

What was the killer's in-game name?

Did you check if it was Bobo?

Sunny Drinkwater killed two at least, but i think the leader was: Sweet Drinkwater who killed one at least.

Yes, I'm sure. I checked his Leaderboard Name.

That's one his current M.O. ...since his own genetic fitness score is so low, he gets one of his gang to be the leader.

#16 Re: Main Forum » Interesting experience tried to get rid of an evil leader » 2020-05-31 22:06:24

Arcurus wrote:

@ my daughter Sunny Drinkwater: I forgive you! LOL But since i messed up the curse no need actually to forgive...

Sunny was Bobo

What was the killer's in-game name?

#17 Re: Main Forum » The Paradox of Genescore » 2020-05-28 21:14:51


Something weird happened on Twisted's stream 8 days ago. He became a white Eve and he didn't have any kids at all until 37 years old. (No SID kids.) And I had to force that spawn by SID-ing 3 times. (Another twitch watcher also mentions later that s/he tried to spawn to Twisted but didn't.)


Eve Twist: … id=6236846

EDIT: Twisted was homesick for 8 minutes.

So 26 years of fertility minus 8 minutes of homesick = 18 minutes of fertility.

There were 34 people online at the time. (Seen as a comment at 29:02)

#18 Re: Main Forum » The Paradox of Genescore » 2020-05-28 16:08:29

Crumpaloo wrote:

Get what im saying here? People wanna be good parents towards the 1 or 2 kids they DO have, yet with no way to control births so any that do choose to stay can end up getting punished severely for just doing their best.

Maybe an option would be....

Decide on what you want to do while you are not inside the homeland (fishing, hunting, chopping pine trees, gathering wild milkweed for buckets, mining iron, etc.)


Age 3-12: eat small yum foods, get some portable yum foods in bp, prepare what you need for what you want to do (example, smith 4 ax heads and place in bp)

Age 12-14: get out of homeland. (can bring cart/horse cart)

Age 14-28: go do what non-homeland activity you decided on

Age 29-30: get back to homeland

Age 31-40: have 2-3 kids

Age 41-60: parent your kids/grandkids


or if you want, just be a migrant worker and never return to homeland

#19 Re: Main Forum » For Jason. » 2020-05-28 11:25:27

Mr meeseeks wrote:

but the players were so uptight, it wasn't fun at all.

People don't want to play with 30 uptight players that get offended by the slightest thing.

One of the main reasons why players/vets are so uptight is all the nerfs.

Nerfs -> lack of oil, water, iron, food -> waste is treated as very, very bad

#20 Re: Main Forum » For Jason. » 2020-05-28 11:22:24

AmberA wrote:

Were you the woman in the kitchen that was attacking multiple people with a knife and getting mad because we wouldn't let you do it? You sound like the same person. All she did was complain about Jason and the game dying and how we were all uptight for not letting her attack people. Was that you?

If you know her game name, you can search for her leaderboard going thru ancestors and such. big_smile

Seems like the person hasn't played in awhile. So her meme score should show that. big_smile

#21 Re: Main Forum » Leader just killed most gingers » 2020-05-24 11:09:15

testo wrote:

Surpringsingly, Bobos bitch is a regular with high genescore:

That's coz with expert way stones, Bobo's crew does not have to SID to be the same race as Bobo.

Also, they are killing people who are not of their race/fam so the town killing doesn't affect their meme score.

#22 Re: Main Forum » We need to tell the inept players about the new Berry meta » 2020-05-23 22:43:08


I once suggested Crop Signs to stop berry over-planting....

....jason replied:

"This is what fences are for. Fence your fields to prevent the wrong thing from being planted there, and then pass the ownership to the next generation with instructions for how the field should be used. Leave a paper note inside the fence to avoid confusion, or even a sign, which would be visible outside the fence.

I.e., you already have the tools at your disposal to do this..."

lol lol lol

#24 Re: Main Forum » Systems within systems » 2020-05-18 18:17:22

Arcurus wrote:

Even cursing is kind of strange. Why you can curse other family members?  Why there is a need to curse at all if you could use the combat system. Only nice thing i see is, that you know its the same one if he comes again.

cursing non-family members is important
...example, non-family griefer comes in and kills your fam...curse him (before the leader-exile-kill system) (they can still kill you now with bears/domestic boars/non-populated killing/etc)
...example, non-family griefer comes in and steals your engine or kerosene....curse him

killing griefers stop them for one life (they have 23 more lives). cursing stops them for 30 days. (potentially, with enough curses)

EDIT: just reread your post....

by "other family members"....i think you mean other members of your own family? (not other fam's members) big_smile

same reasoning though....cursing stops them potentially for 30 days. or gives jason 20 more dollars. win-win.

#25 Re: Main Forum » The True Bison Followers and the False Queen Opaline Bison » 2020-05-18 12:10:46

FishRfriendsnotfood wrote:

the story is made up and did not happen.

at least some of it is true (i didn't stay to look at all the drama).

also there is video proof......hmmmm.....

Btw, the opaline bloodline is still strong.

aria bloodline dead after 2 gens.

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